This is how I know it was a busy autumn: this year will be the first in a decade that I did not donate blood at least six times, only five. To be fair, I DID actually go down to the Empire State Plaza (the Egg, for you Albanians) back in late October but could not get into the building. As it turns out the Governor was holding a booze summit and so I couldn’t get to the regular donor site, though I had time before my dentist appointment.

I seem to have taken off a lot of days from work in November, one for Hurricane Sandy, one to take the daughter to the ER, one to go see Wicked, two because my wife was having two minor surgeries and my daughter had a half day of school, two for Thanksgiving, a half day for a doctor’s appointment. As Yul Brynner regularly said, “et cetera, et cetera.”

The local bus company changed its routes, and I found myself waiting an hour for transportation that was never going to come.

The Daughter is going to bed later AND getting up earlier, cutting into my wife’s prep time for school, my blogging time, and both of our sleep times.

I performed in two different choir concerts, plus attended a Friends of the Library event, a comic book show, and did the usual stuff such as raking. Then Sunday past, attended TWO concerts.

Since it’s a low content/energy day, let me tell you the latest rumor at work: our office may be moving back downtown, I’m guessing around May, since we moved almost eight years ago in that month. I currently work in Corporate (frickin’) Woods, this soulless suburbany place with no sidewalks, and the drivers motor around it as though there are no pedestrians. Save for a bank, it has none of the amenities that being downtown offers, such as going to the post office or a store or a restaurant, or MY bank, or my eye doctor or my dentist. I’d be taking off far fewer days if we were downtown. It takes me two buses to get to work now, but it would only take me one if we were back in civilization, with no fewer than six different buses that could get me from downtown to within three blocks of my home.

A real blog post manana. And the next day. And the 8th…
I saw someone on Facebook pass along the suggestion to send Christmas cards to “A Recovering American Soldier” at Walter Reed Hospital. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. As this report explains: “In these times of heightened security, mail from strangers to unnamed soldiers must, for everyone’s safety, must be discarded unopened.” You CAN send cards via Holiday Mail for Heroes, a Red Cross project, but it must be postmarked by December 7, or it won’t reached its intended destination either.
According to the NY Times, Bazooka, creators of Bazooka Joe gum, will be getting rid of their famous comic strips.

6 Responses to “The “no time to blog” blogpost”

  • Demeur says:

    I’ll bet you might remember when the postman came twice a day, buses ran every 15 minutes and a stamp was 2 cents. Is this progress we have now?

  • Lisa says:

    I know how you feel! Seems like warp speed is the only option these days. You’ve been so much for consistent than I have been in the blogosphere! I’m not sure how you do it.

  • Roger says:

    Actually I DON’T remember two cent postage. i DO remember four cent postage, though.

  • It sounds as if a move of your office would be good for you. One question, though: How do you pronounce “Albanians”?

  • Roger says:

    all-BANE-ee-ins. As opposed to people from Albania, who are al-BANE-ee-ins.

  • Cheri says:

    It does sound like November was a busy month for you! And, it was only after I became a parent that I realized that the charming idea that “it gets easier” as they get older is really just something of a myth. Kids always cut into your sleep; it’s only the reasons that change as they grow.

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