I get this email from my blog provider for the past seven years:

The datacenter cost has gone up extremely and I have had to reconsider my position of offering web hosting. Within the next few months all clients will be cancelled as their contracts come up for renewal.

Roger you will need to register at https://www.namecheap.com/myaccount/signup.aspx so that I may push your domain name to you so you can manage it and make changes to the server names, renewals etc.

Did that.

You will also have to find web hosting with another company within the next month and transfer your website files and MySQL database to the new host.

I DID find a new web host, but my files wouldn’t upload. Need to contact the help desk. Arrgh!

To make backups of your domain name simply login to your cPanel account and click the BACKUP icon. Be sure to backup the home directory and the database to insure you have all your files.

Did I screw it up? Is THAT the reason the files aren’t “taking”?

To login to cPanel use the following information…

This was a hard decision for us but we just cannot continue with the cost that’s associated with the datacenter.

Once you have found a new web hosting company and moved all your files, please let me know so I can remove your files from the server.

The pressure!

We wish you the best of luck Roger, in your endeavors and I have been a frequent reader of your blog for years…

Any questions just let us know and talk soon.

Bottom line is that I’m working on a transition, which has cut into my blogging time, so there may be some terse posts in the near future.

Just know I’m not going away.

4 Responses to “A blog change is gonna come”

  • ADD says:

    Blogging should not be that hard. I don’t know what your behind the scenes requirements are that would necessitate that sort of hoop-jumping, but there are much easier ways to do it. I hope you get it all straightened out.

    Also, sorry to hear you are under the weather, my friend. Get well soon.

  • Roger says:

    I never underestimate how technology-averse I am.

  • CGHill says:

    It’s a pain in the neck to move. (Which is why I haven’t moved in fifteen years.)

    For those not familiar with WordPress: content (posts) and design (theme) are two wholly separate entities, which (get this, now) can’t be moved using the same tools. The sensible way to do this is to install the existing theme at the new host, export the content as an XML file, and then import it into the new host. But even if it’s sensible, it’s not fun.

  • Melanie says:

    So frustrating! I had to move mine (again) recently as well and decided to let it go- after all the hassles I was so done. It was a good time for me to do it: new chapter, new life. Best of luck with yours though!

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