I haven’t scheduled it, but I think I need to take one of those DNA testing kits. I haven’t investigated how precise they are yet, but there are three things I’m hoping to discover:

1) Was the picture on my maternal grandmother’s wall of one of her ancestors, and therefore one of MY ancestors, English or Irish? I’ve heard both.

If the latter, I’d be one of 33.3 million “who claimed Irish ancestry in 2013. This number was more than seven times the population of Ireland itself (4.6 million).”

2) Were ancestors on my fathers side Dutch or “Pennsylvania Dutch,” which is to say, German? Here again, the lore conflicts.

3) I want to get into one of those registers to try ascertain whether I can find a match that will tell me who the biological father of my father is?

Not sure which product, MyHeritage or Family Tree DNA, or LivingDNA or 23andMe or Ancestry.com’s product or something else is the best for the price and will give me the information I want.

Have you folks used any of these products? How satisfied were you with them? What did you learn that you are willing to to share? Your feedback, if any, will probably have an impact in my decision-making.

I’m also curious about why, if you considered doing one of these tests, why you did not? Cost? You already know? Lack of curiosity?

For me, the results might inform my travel plans when/if I ever retire. This is not merely an academic query, though I would like the Daughter, who has relatives she can trace back to the 14th century on her mother’s side, to have a clearer record on her father’s.

Of course, on this St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll always be a bit Irish. They color the Chicago River with my last name, FCOL. Peace from Roger O’Green.

3 Responses to “Is it my Irish eyes that are smilin’?”

  • Melanie says:

    I’ve not done it, but a cousin of mine did through Ancestry and ended up finding her half sister who she didn’t know existed. They are very close now. If you have a cold genealogical trail, or a highly complicated (and/or secretive) family, it could definitely help. I think it depends on how much and what kinds of things you want to know.

  • fillyjonk says:

    My dad did one. It was less specific than he thought it would be – what he thinks of as his German heritage came up as “central European” or some such.

    Of course, many of the European countries we know now didn’t exist as such 200 or more years ago….when his recent ancestors left Germany, it was still Prussia and Westphalia and things like that.

    He was also disappointed that he turned up “less Irish” than he thought he should have been, but I had a suspicion that some of the “Irish” ancestors were actually from England and before that from France…(our surname could be a modification of a French one, or it could be British/Irish)

  • Chris E says:

    I haven’t, but because I didn’t know my dad I have never known. It would change my identity to know, if that makes sense.

    They are accurate to a point; they are based out of probability.

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