You start writing a blog post, and sometimes, at some point, it just loses its joy.

Yeah, I was going to write about the lying Ryan Lochte and the other Olympic swimmers, and how he particularly was the Ugly American abroad. And Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada downplaying their actions may be a case of white male privilege Read the rest of this entry »

max frostBlame Chuck Miller for getting The Shape of Things in my head. For his K-Chuck Radio: More Forgotten 70’s Hits, half of which I’d never heard, I wondered which version of the title song the Headboys played. As it turns out, it a different iteration altogether, and now that I heard it, it was vaguely familiar.

One of my few singles purchases in the 1960s Read the rest of this entry »

bill_clintonBill Clinton has long confounded me. In 1992, I was somewhat suspicious the guy some of the nastier pundits dubbed Slick Willie. I certainly did not vote for him in the primary, choosing either former Senator Paul Tsongas (MA) or now-governor Jerry Brown (CA).

I watched Clinton pretty much every time he was on TV, from that surreal saxophone playing on the Arsenio Hall Show to that less-than-comfortable interview, along with Hillary, on 60 Minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

david and margaret hannayThis is a story about this picture of Margaret Hannay and her husband David. They’ve been members of my church for a number of years.

They met in college, fell in love, and got married very young, at 19 or 20, despiye their parents’ understandable reservations. They celebrated 50 years married last August.

They’ve both been active in church, serving on committees, teaching, and are professionally accomplished. (Here are some of Margaret’s books.)

But that doesn’t really explain the picture.

In my capacity of the head of the Black History Month committee Read the rest of this entry »

saxton-houseWednesday, July 13, 2016, Canton, Ohio

The Wife, knowing she and the Daughter would likely tire of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, looked in some AAA guidebook, and stumbled upon the First Ladies National Historic Site, also in Canton.

There is an Education & Research Center where the museum is housed. But we spent the bulk of our time Read the rest of this entry »

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