Writing about the blog’s TENTH anniversary last month, it occurred to me that I have a lot of components already available for posts, things that interest me: birthdays (personal and popular culture), deaths, anniversaries, musical musings, movie reviews.

Then there is often something in the news, which inevitably segues into politics, racism/ sexism/ homophobia, and religion.

But what of those OTHER days? Those tend to be the more difficult posts to write. Read the rest of this entry »

fathers-day-multiple-languagesA few weeks ago, a single mom I knew was trying to get her daughter to wear a coat, lest she be cold. The daughter balked. One could see them both digging in their heels. I told the mom – not at all thinking of Frozen – “let it go.” An hour later, the mom thanked me, realizing it wasn’t a fight worth engaging in.

Before I was a dad, I wouldn’t have interjected my opinion. Not only would I have thought my observations have been perceived as uninformed, that would have been a correct take. It is annoyingly true Read the rest of this entry »

timmy-thomasBack in the day, I might buy a whole album just for one song. I know I did this for the title track of the 1972 album Why Can’t We Live Together by Timmy Thomas.

The song went to #3 on the US pop charts, #1 on the US soul charts, and #1 on the UK charts. The rest of the album was fine, but there was just something magical about this tune.

The introduction of the 2014 Evangel Pacific Radio interview reads:

“In 1972, Timmy Thomas was watching the evening news Read the rest of this entry »

abc 17 (1)It’s now EIGHT years ago that Denise Nesbitt from across the pond in England created a meme called ABC Wednesday. People, literally from around the world, post an item – pictures, poems, essays – that in someway describe each letter of the alphabet, in turn. I’ve been participating since the letter K in Round 5.

Denise recruited a team of her followers to do some of the intro writing and visiting, which eventually included me, because doing it all was too exhausting.

Three years ago, she ceded the role of administrator to me. Read the rest of this entry »

tomorrowland-movieIf it’d been up to me, I might have passed on seeing it. Tomorrowland was beset by middling reviews.

Worse, the (not unusual) manipulation of the Disney audience to see the film was quite impressive, but really irritating. “Get your backstage pass” to this great film, the network promotion machine hawked on several program The Daughter watches.

Its box office (relative) failure – as of June 14, 2015, domestic box office of $83,607,000 and foreign box office of $93,500,000, against a production budget of $190 million – put the kibosh on more Disney science fiction.

Still, The Wife, The Daughter, her friend Kay and I went on a hot Sunday afternoon to the Spectrum Theatre in Albany. Read the rest of this entry »

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