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magna_cartaThe Magna Carta turned 800 in June 2015, signed by King John “Lackland” Plantagenet in 1215, though, in fact, it was not dubbed as the “great charter” until a couple years, and some changes, later. It was violated quickly, and reinstated in altered form a number of times.

From the British Library:

The Magna Carta established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law… Read the rest of this entry »

losing-my-religionArnoldo Romero is one of the regular ABC Wednesday participants. On his E is for Ecclesiastical post, he talked about his faith journey. Hey, he’s a PK, or preacher’s kid; I know a few of those.

He wrote, “I have even considered going into the ministry at a couple of points throughout my lifetime.” I responded, “When I was 12, most people thought I would become a minister, and I tended to agree,” to which Arnoldo responded, “I’d love to learn more about your spiritual journey and what led you to have a change of heart about going into the ministry sometime.” My answer: “That’s going to take a blogpost. Or two.”

Or more Read the rest of this entry »

moon-20120922-thm“Six month anniversary.” Something is just linguistically WRONG about that. Anni- refers to year. Now semi-anniversary, or some variation would be OK.

You may have read about the studies dealing with the “swooning magic of head-over-heels love.” Researchers “found high amounts of activity in a ‘reward’ part of the brain when the smitten subjects were shown photos of their honeys. That part of the brain has previously been linked to the desire for cocaine, chocolate and money. Read the rest of this entry »

Bertrand Russell Dunning Kruger effectYou may have noticed this: most people think THEY are smarter, more often correct, more honest, better drivers, et al. than the “average” person. This is called illusory superiority, “a cognitive bias whereby individuals overestimate their own qualities and abilities, relative to others… Other terms include superiority bias, leniency error… and the Lake Wobegon effect (named after Garrison Keillor’s fictional town where ‘all the children are above average’). The phrase ‘illusory superiority’ was first used by Van Yperen and Buunk in 1991.”

But why is it that on a scale of one to 10, you probably think you’re a seven?
Read the rest of this entry »

BlondieGenerally speaking, I like to note the 70th birthday of performers that I enjoy in this blog. Well, Debbie Harry, the lead singer of the group Blondie, no relation to Bumstead, turned 70 on July 1, and I totally missed it.

Blondie is an American rock band that Harry formed with guitarist Chris Stein. It took the band until its third album, Parallel Lines in 1978 Read the rest of this entry »

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