About Roger Owen Green (he/him)

I am a librarian, retired. Maybe with my intellectual curiosity, I always was destined to be one.

Now I am pondering my existence with a child 50+ years my junior, music, politics, baseball, comic books, JEOPARDY!, God, and the celebrations of life.

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3 thoughts on “About Roger Owen Green (he/him)”

  1. Hello Roger!! I was surfing the internet for a guy I used to work with years and years ago, found him in your Nov. 2019 blog ‘Black People on TV in 1968’. Byrum Gilliam!! (not Stu…) from Laugh-In. I was happy to read about him as there is so little out there. I worked at the Deli Restaurant, Beloit, WI, while home from college in ’78, ’79? and Byrum was hired there as a dancer…..at a deli, you ask?? Cleaning out the cobwebs makes me recall it was a deli during the day and possibly on weekend nights, more of a pub/night spot?? I was a waitress (an awful one) then I don’t know how, but became a cook….(what??). Those were the days. Anyway, I’ll always remember him as a kind person, very talented, and the best memory: someone famous I knew and worked with!! Take care in these days, Roger. Amy S. from Wisconsin. P.S. Btw: my mother never let us kids watch Laugh-In; it was too unrefined. (>*

  2. Please email me if you know who I am – Elaina Wilson.
    Searching for my Uncle – Roger Green.

    or call — we have the same phone # . I hope this is you. It’s a far reach but it might be 🙂

  3. I tried writing you an email, but your link doesn’t do anything. I jus wanted to say I’d love to readwhat you wrote about Judy Garland, since I was/am a big fan.

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