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I get this email from my blog provider for the past seven years:

The datacenter cost has gone up extremely and I have had to reconsider my position of offering web hosting. Within the next few months all clients will be cancelled as their contracts come up for renewal.

Roger you will need to register at so that I may push your domain name to you so you can manage it and make changes to the server names, renewals etc.

Did that.

You will also have to find web hosting with another company within the next month and transfer your website files and MySQL database to the new host.

I DID find a new web host, but my files wouldn’t upload. Need to contact the help desk. Arrgh!

To make backups of your domain name simply login to your cPanel account and click the BACKUP icon. Be sure to backup the home directory and the database to insure you have all your files.

Did I screw it up? Is THAT the reason the files aren’t “taking”?

To login to cPanel use the following information…

This was a hard decision for us but we just cannot continue with the cost that’s associated with the datacenter.

Once you have found a new web hosting company and moved all your files, please let me know so I can remove your files from the server.

The pressure!

We wish you the best of luck Roger, in your endeavors and I have been a frequent reader of your blog for years…

Any questions just let us know and talk soon.

Bottom line is that I’m working on a transition, which has cut into my blogging time, so there may be some terse posts in the near future.

Just know I’m not going away.

times union press credential Mike Huber

TU cat herder Mike Huber

Long before the Times Union came up with the blogs for community members and staffers, it housed these websites for community organizations. I did a couple of them, including for my church at the time, and since that was in the last century, that should give you a timeframe. And the guy in charge was Mike Huber.

I started my own blog in 2005. When the TU was looking for community bloggers in 2006, he saw my track record of blogging every day for a year, and tried to get me to participate with the TU, but I demurred. Read the rest of this entry »

This is a thing I continue to do at the beginning of the year: pick a post for each month of the previous year, using a random number generator, which may not actually be random, but is sufficient for this exercise. See how well it reflected that year just passed, or did not. Pretty sure I got this from Gordon, who lives in Chicago, who remains the only non-local blogger I ever met.

I think I enjoy this a lot because it’s so…numerical. And random, or randomish.
The graphic is random. I went to Google, limited to .mil sites, and typed in the word random, and this was the first one to come out that didn’t seem to represent a random check of one’s belongings. This is, as you well know, “Final review and comparison Read the rest of this entry »

10thingsFor this iteration of Ask Roger Anything, Eunai gets right to the point:

Ten things you’ve done that you’re still proud of.

OK. I found this challenging. In no particular order:

1. Getting arrested at an antiwar demonstration in the town of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY. The trial was very interesting.

2. Editing Read the rest of this entry »

down-or-just-meOccasionally, my web page has gone down. It was annoying, not so much because I couldn’t have my purple prose seen, but because, almost always, I was trying to write some NEW ramblings.

I know the vendor, in fixing the last problem, suspended someone’s user account “for CPU overage,” whatever THAT means.

And I can’t always tell whether it’s a problem with my Internet at home – which has also failed me – or the blog itself. So I email a list of trusted folks and ask them, re my site, “Is it down for everyone or just me?” Unfortunately, almost always, it’s down for everyone.

I do back up my blog every month, or three, but still, it’s a pain.

As it turns out, I noticed that another website was down recently. I wrote on the closed Facebook discussion page, “Is it down for everyone or just me?” Someone wrote This is always a handy check and pointed to down for everyone or just There are similar sites, such as Is It Down Right Now.

Oddly, when I went to Is It Down, when a blogger I know was down in May, it showed: “[URL] is not down. (it took me 0.02 seconds to check, if it is down for you, go shout at your IT support or ISP). BTW: The status code I got was 502, which means that there is something wrong with URL or site.” To me, that means the site is not working.

At least the first two sites will be, I’m afraid, quite useful in the future.

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