What retired people do

Naps, for lack of a better word, are good.

Several folks have asked me what retired people do. Aside from church stuff, library stuff, a little genealogy, and, it is hoped, a daily blog post, they fall into two categories for me.

One is doing stuff that wasn’t on my calendar for that day. It could be a phone call from a friend, a text from my daughter, or the like.

Sometimes, it’s tracking down a package. I ordered four items from Amazon in two different orders. I got one item, eclipse glasses, on April 2. Two of the other items were combined.

March 31: The package left Stockton, CALIFORNIA, US

April 1: 6:40 AM Package arrived at an Amazon facility. Erlanger, KENTUCKY US. 4:40 PM Package arrived at an Amazon facility. Windsor Locks, CONNECTICUT US

April 5: 1:02 PM. The delivery of your package has been rescheduled based on your shipment instructions for the carrier. Except that, I gave no such instruction.

It arrived in Latham, NY, US, in Albany County, then to East Syracuse, NY, US (13th), New Stanton, PA, US, and Lexington, KY, US (15th). It was delivered, presumably to me, in Lexington on the 16th.

I didn’t notice until the 17th and called Amazon at 888-280-4331. Their bot required that I call on my cellphone so it could verify me. In the end, it could not help me because two different invoices were involved, so I had to talk with a real person. They eventually resolved the issue after putting me on hold five times; I feared being disconnected. They sent one item and refunded the other.

But the bot DID solve my issue concerning the fourth item, a compact disc of the studio recording of SIX: The Musical.

At rest
The other thing I tend to do regularly is take a nap. It’s seldom on Tuesdays when I have library stuff. But on a Wednesday, if I don’t have a medical appointment, it’s snoozetime.

Since the clocks changed to Daylight Saving Time in mid-March, I’ve stayed up later. Meanwhile, my wife gets up early to pack her workday. Also, my allergies are attacking me.

I get up, link my blog post to Facebook, and make oatmeal. My wife and I eat, she goes out, I watch TV for 15 minutes, then realize I’m exhausted.

It’s usually the same: I lie on my left side (away from the window), then my right side, and sometimes on my left side again, convinced that I’m not going to fall asleep. Then I do.
I wake up in 60 to 90 minutes and always have vivid dreams. For instance, my wife and two of my former work colleagues, neither of whom she was close to, bought a school bus. I complained to my pastors about this. (I think what this dream is about.)
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