Communications Breakdown

First the data loss last week, and now my home computer has been seized by some virus or something. This means that I didn’t have a chance to work on anything for you this weekend.

This was an aggrevating weekend, in part because I spent four phone calls and well over an hour trying to get an AOL charge off my credit card that doesn’t even show up on the AOL customer service reps’ computers. Finally, I had to cancel a credit card and get a new one.

Also, it rained in Albany every day for about a week and a half. Sales of “Ark Builders’ Digest” have really spiked this week in this part of the country. Yesterday, 50 mph winds came howling through.

On the other hand, we sang really well in choir yesterday, and then most of us went out to lunch at a nice restaurant (in the Gideon Putnam, for you locals).

Lydia has been a bit under the weather, and she stayed home today from day care. Her maternal grandparents are visiting, so they’ll watch her, as they did yesterday when Carol and I went out to eat. Otherwise, I would have had to stay home from work on a day that a number folks will be out at a meeting.

Our building is going to have a fire drill this week. I am the floor marshal for the 7th floor.

I’ve been hoping for a Chicago White Sox win, and I’m glad they’ve gotten into the World Series for the first time since 1959, but I’ve been picking against them because of their history. So, I’ll still pick the NL team (the Astros, barring a real collapse, a team that has never won the WS), which should assure the men with the pale hose the team’s first World Series win since 1917. But with that pitching on both sides, will anyone actually SCORE?

I love getting free stuff. I got comics and tunes today from football prognosticator Logan, and a CD and DVD from…well, I’ll explain that in due course.

Finally, I just went here to vote for the best DVDs released this past year. To find more about TV shows on DVD go to TV Shows on DVD.

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