Roger Answers Your Questions, Scott and Nik

Our first victim, er, contestant is Scott:

I took that test and got blue as well. Good thing I guess that my blog is already that color.

I thought to change my blog color just for the day, but changed my mind. But the blog is OBVIOUSLY green.

I really enjoy reading “Pearls Before Swine”, even if the artwork is lacking.

Yeah, though the artwork is actually growing on me. It’s better artistically than early Doonesbury, which was really minimalist, as I recall. In any case, it’s probably one of my top three strips.

Questions for Roger:

Yeah, that’s just like me, answering questions that weren’t even being asked.

1. So far, what has been your biggest-happiest-proudest moment of being Lydia’s father?

Don’t know, actually. But I can tell you what’s tickling me right now. She takes her carriage, the one she used to ride in (but won’t now unless she’s ill), which is still taller than she is, and walks it around the block, without riding off onto someone’s lawn or someone’s driveway. Just last week, I was walking behind her and the carriage and someone coming toward me though I must have had a remote control for the carriage. People seeing this from the street side seem to think it’s “AWWWW”-inducing. I think it’s amazing, since it involves six right turns (one out of the walkway, four at the corners, and one back into the walkway). She must be using her peripheral vision.

Also: she sees my change (coins), and has not indicated any interest in swallowing them. (Conversely, her father swallowed a penny once.) Instead, she brings it to me. This frustrates her mother; when SHE finds my change (on the floor, on the bed, in the laundry), she puts it in her change jar.
Recently, Carol was reading the paper, and Lydia said, “NO, Daddy’s!” (I read it a lot more than my wife does.) I thought it was very funny. Not sure my wife did.

2. It’s early yet, but who are you picking to win the World Series?

You’re a cruel man, Scott.
All right. The New York Metropolitans over the Detroit Tigers in six games.
BTW, I saw the Tigers’ leadoff hitter, Curtis Granderson, playing in Class A Oneonta three years ago.

3. What is the most controversial book you have read and what are your general thoughts about it?

I don’t know. Really. So, I went to Banned Books list and picked out four “challenged” books I’ve read.

Captain Underpants – I used to read this series with my niece who’s now 15, when she was maybe half that age. We enjoyed it tremendously.

A Handmaid’s Tale – I’m not a big novel fan, but that was the assignment for that particular month in my book club. I was surprised how much I was enraptured by this Margaret Atwood story.

Pentagon Papers – I was really ticked off with the abuses of my government.

Joy of Sex – I was 15. I don’t remember. Oh, wait, I do remember. I said, “THAT can’t be right, can it?” (It was.)

(And forgive me if questions #1 and #3 have already been asked of you in the past.)

I’m sure I’ve answered #1 before, but it’s always changing, so I never mind answering it.

And now from Nik:

Cheesy cliched questions!

I like cheese.

If you were a tree, what kind would you be?

A chestnut tree. There were chestnut trees on my walk home from school, and every year in season, I’d collect chestnuts. They’re smooth and beautiful, like fine wood. I’d keep them through the winter, to remind me that there would be new life. Then I’d toss them before they would go bad and do it again the next year. I should note that they were actually horse chestnuts, and therefore not edible.

If you could meet any person living or dead, who?

Thomas Jefferson, or Thomas Edison. Or maybe politician, inventor and regular raconteur Ben Franklin.

If you were a book, what would your title be?

I’ve ben thinking about this a lot, actually, because I signed up at The Remembering Site to write my life story. Haven’t actually WRITTEN much (started three sections), but have mused on it. In 1989, I probably would have stolen “Still Crazy After all These Years”. Now I really don’t know yet. But I’m open to suggestion/persuasion.
Fred Hembeck:
a) got married to Lynn Moss 27 years ago today
b) is smart enough to have mentioned same in his blog today
c) was kind enough to mention me in his post yesterday even though he was
d) the subject of my teasing last year on this date over this subject
e) is someone, along with the aforementioned Lynn Moss (and the artist currently known as Julie!) who we hope to see this summer
f) has a new outlet for his musings – this week, Beatlemania…and Al Jolson?

Yes, the answer is all of the above. Congrats, you kids!

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