In answer to Lefty’s question about the Super Bowl, I said 21-17 Colts (the Colts won 29-17), and that at least one TD will be scored by the defense or special teams, when in fact, there were a couple, the Chicago kickoff return and a Colts interception return. It was as though I knew what I was talking about.

I don’t mind people thanking God in these things, but I AM uncomfortable with the notion that God is on a particular coach’s or team’s side. Was God rooting for Tony Dungy, by all accounts a good Christian man, over Lovie Smith, who is theologically likewise? Somehow, I doubt God cares. Maybe, when I get to heaven, She’ll set me straight.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah – some of these were gimmes. (Hint: George Burns is NOT the correct answer.) But this is what I want to know:

There’s this sign on Albany-Shaker Road in Albany, about twice the height and twice the width of a #10 envelope. It says: REPENT. I want to know, when someone sees this sign, do they actually repent? To whom do they repent? Then what?

When we were driving to and from Charlotte, NC, on I-81, we saw these series of three crosses, the one in the middle taller than the other two. Yes, I do know what they represent. What I want to know is whether they have the (presumably) desired effect?

I found these series of meme questions:

What is the least appropriate thing to pray for?
Stuff, such as a new X-Box.

If God were to appear briefly before you in any form you could choose, what would you choose?
A tree.

What is the first thing you would say to God? (assume you know for sure it really is God)
You picked a sycamore? I thought you’d go with an oak.

What would be the most morally difficult thing you could be asked to do?
Cause someone physical pain.

If you could only repent for one thing when you die, what one thing would you choose?
I suppose not being patient enough with a couple people who were important in my life. One still is, but not the other.

I found this in the WSJ late last month -an Israeli firm that broadcasts prayers for a fee:
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And speaking of prayer, Carol’s Aunt Vera Throop, my mother-in-law’s sister died this weekend. Vera’s the first in that family of Olins to have passed on. Carol’s going to the funeral, but I’m not, because I have – for the very first time – jury duty.

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