Oscar-Worthy Movies I Have Seen: 1931-1932

Production (Picture):
“GRAND HOTEL”, “Arrowsmith”, “Bad Girl”, “The Champ”, “Five Star Final”, “One Hour With You”, “Shanghai Express”, “The Smiling Lieutenant”
Nada, though I was in the room once when “The Champ” was playing on TV some years ago.

BTW, this guy named Walt Disney won a special award for his four-year-old creation, Mickey Mouse.
I forgot to mention that I appeared in some State University newsletter called The SUNY Watch, dated April 2007:

Your Name: Roger Green
Your Title and Name of Your Office: Information Specialist

Winter Techniques

What winter? The first half was so mild – an average of 12 degrees above normal over a 38-day period in December and January – that I didn’t even get into winter survival mode until mid-January. For me, winter is for seeing movies, usually at the Spectrum, usually Oscar nominated films.

I’ve most recently seen, in reverse chronological order, Notes on a Scandal, Volver, The Queen and The Pursuit of Happyness.
My favorite pictures of 2006, though, were Little Miss Sunshine and Stranger Than Fiction, because they both are intelligent, funny, and a little offbeat.


Oscar-Worthy Movies I Have Seen: 1930-1931

Production (Picture):
“CIMARRON”, “East Lynne”, “The Front Page”, “Skippy”, “Trader Horn”
Was watching some chunk of “The Front Page” on TCM in the past few years, but not enough that I’d count it.
But wait! There were some interesting films in this period that weren’t even nominated: Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights, The Blue Angel with Marlene Dietrich, Dracula with Bela Lugosi, and James Whale’s Frankenstein with Boris Karloff were all unnominated. I’ve seen at least portions of all of them, probably all of City Lights over time, which undoubtedly suffered from being a silent film in the talkies era.


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