Music That Moves Me, 60-51

60. Day Tripper-Beatles
In some ways, quite anthemic. That hook is swiped often. Love the build on the bridge. I also have a great Wilson Pickett version.

59. All Day and All of the Night – the Kinks.
This was probably the loudest song I remember as a kid. I love how the chords modulate. And the delicious guitar on the bridge! The theme was so compelling that Ray Davies ripped himself off on Destroyer.
Feeling: alive.

58. Dimming of the Day – Bonnie Raitt.
The verse is fine, but it’s the harmony of the chorus that makes me play it over again.
Feeling: melancholy.

57. Something in 4/4 Time-Daryl Hall.
From the underrated Fripp-produced Sacred Songs album. Starts off with the keyboard, it rocks in 4/4 time until the bridge. Those triplets are clearly NOT in march time.
Something In 4/4 Time-Daryl Hall. Robert Fripp produced an album called Sacred Songs in 1977, but the label didn’t release it until 1980, fearing that it was “uncommercial.” 4/4 Time is the great hit single that wasn’t. Though the verse and chorus were in regular rhythm, the bridge had interesting triplets an odd time signatures.
Feeling: happy.
You can hear 30 seconds of it here (second cut), but it doesn’t express the fulness of this tune.

56. Staples Singers – Respect Yourself
I love the fact that Pops starts the piece, so when Mavis takes over the vocal, it’s even more resounding. BTW, the YouTuber misspells Staples as Staple.
Feeling: if you don’t respect yourself…

55. Elephant Talk – King Crimson. Not only great beat – I own the dance remix – but fun lyrics.
Feeling: shut up already!

54. Think for Yourself – the Beatles.
It’s the Macca fuzz bass. The verse and chorus don’t exactly flow together, and that’s a good thing.
Feeling: title says it.

53. A Simple Desultory Phillipic – Simon & Garfunkel.
I think I like it because it was one of the those rare S&G songs that really rock. Also the first song I knew that namechecked, in this case, he Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Lenny Bruce, and of course, Bob Dylan, among others.
Feeling: fun.
A snippet here (track 9).

52. A Ballata Of Francesco Landini (ca. 1335-1397) Lasso! Di Donna – Judy Collins.
Some Italian ballad from about eight centuries ago. Beautiful last song on the first side of the Wildflowers LP. A bit of a cheat, using 14th Century music, but it did appear on a folk/pop album in the pop era.
Feeling: it’s a beautiful world.
A little snippet here.

51. I’m Shakin’ – the Blasters.
Great rockabilly from 1981. Only have on vinyl.
Feeling: I’m so jittery.


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