Why do you comment QUESTION

I have pretty much purloined this from Rose, who wrote:
“Bloggers love comments. Comments tell us that our readership is actually interested in what we blog about. If you like someone’s blog, you leave a comment. It’s that simple.”

I find it trickier, though. In my comments to Rose, I wrote: “Some sites require you to register to comment, and I have if I’m likely to return. Some have word verification, and some work better than others – if I have to work at it, never mind. Some open another window that take too long to open and I’ll bail.”

Then there are folks who just KNOW I’m checking out their sites by my frequent comments, but I may not have anything to say about that particular post. Scott, for instance, is a really swell guy. He’s actually snail mailed me something out of the blue. When he writes about music or his son, I often comment. When he tells about Aussie Rules Fantasy Football, though, I’ve got nothing to add, but I’ll still come back the next time.

I’d particular like to hear from the lurkers out there who read but never write.

One of the things that I’ve opted to do here is to try to make it easy to reply. One does not have to join Blogger to answer, just pick anonymous or your own URL. I don’t even have word verification or comment moderation; I do, however, get comments e-mailed to me, and I can delete spam after the fact.

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