Cinco de Mayo

A couple months back, Mr. Frog wrote: “St. Patrick’s Day used to be stupid and irritating to me. Then, 8 years ago, I moved to a college town. Now it’s a damn embarrassment to humankind.”

While I understand his sentiment, at least some people have a vague notion of this guy who drove out the rats, or something like that. Besides which, I’m Green 365, so it probably bothers me less.

Whereas Cinco de Mayo – recently, I saw a reference to a four-day weekend! – is an excuse to drink tequila and Kahlua, and Allah knows what else; the former seems also to be the holiday anthem.

And for what? Because most people, in an informal poll I did, think it must be Mexican Independence Day.

Nope. But it was a significant day in both Mexican and U.S. history.

Should I succumb and mix me a white Russian this evening and listen to some music?
or here.


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