Beatles Island Songs, 213-204

And after all that drama, “FUN is the one thing money can’t buy”? Really?

The rules of engagement

Links to songs included.
213 Dig It, a trifle from the Let It Be album attributed to all four Beatles.
212 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise). I like this well enough, actually – Paul puts it near the end of his live shows these days – but the intro will have to do.
211 Revolution 1 from the white album. I really LIKE the shooby doowap stuff on this Lennon variation. Sigh.
210 Wild Honey Pie, another trifle, from Paul, on the white album.
209 Octopus’s Garden, from Abbey Road. I already had this song. It was called Yellow Submarine. This is Ringo’s rewrite, complete with sea sound effects. I didn’t realize that this song bugged me so much until it showed up on the Blue 1967-1970 album. If Yellow Sub didn’t exist, this would rank much higher.
208 She’s Leaving Home from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. While I like the call and response, it’s Paul’s overly sentimental domestic dirge. And after all that drama, “FUN is the one thing money can’t buy”? Really?
207 Maggie Mae, from Let It Be. A traditional song arranged by the band, and yet another trifle.
206 Run for Your Life from Rubber Soul. John Lennon has pretty much dismissed this song for its message, which dovetails with my feelings about it, even at the time. Jaunty, though.
205 Mr. Moonlight from Beatles for Sale (UK), Beatles ’65 (US). Never enjoyed John’s vocal intro to this cover, and the rest I was indifferent to.
204 Her Majesty from Abbey Road, which I like well enough, but I’ll survive without it.

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