Accidents will happen

We developed a working theory that the Mercedes driver had previously been in an accident, unreported to the police, and possibly to her family members, and used (or staged) an accident to cover up that fact.

Signed up for this service called New York Alert recently. It sends messages to my e-mail – if I texted, it could have gone to that device – based on a menu of topics of my choosing, such as weather alerts. I’d only gotten one or two messages in the past couple weeks, but on the morning of December 12, I read: “I-90 E&W Exit 5A Off Ramps CLOSED due to a crash at 9:25am use other routes-Albany County.”

Wait a minute. Exit 5A, that’s frickin’ Corporate Woods, where I work! Sure enough, I stood up to see, less than 100 meters away, the entrance ramp to the place blocked by one police car, and through the barren trees, the lights of another emergency vehicle. I sent a message to everyone in my building, in case they had visitors coming. I got the cleared notice at 10:47 a.m.

That afternoon, this message Continue reading “Accidents will happen”