Cat fight

He still chases her, but occasionally, she chases him.

I had previously mentioned our cat Midnight, who we got March 23 when he was two months, two days old. What I have not mentioned is that we subsequently got Stormy, back on August 15, when she was two months old to the day, as a companion for Midnight.

Midnight was instantly hostile to Stormy, even when we had her in a cage, or him in the cage, in order that they get to know each other better. And after she got fixed, we continued to separate them for fear that he might hurt her.

So this is how it worked: two feeding stations, two litter boxes, one in the kitchen, one in the Daughter’s room. The cats would alternate being in the room or the rest of the house. This was really a pain to maintain. And when the one in the room got out, there was a lot of drama in the house until the recapture.
Everyone said they would get along eventually. So on Palm Sunday, with the Wife and The Daughter out of town, I let them have the run of the house together. Stormy is much bigger and stronger now. When they got too rough, I sprayed them with water. Eventually, they tired of the struggle.

Now I feed them at the same time, with their bowls a foot apart. They’ve become, as the Daughter put it, frenemies. He still chases her, but occasionally, she chases him. One will sleep on the sofa, while the other will sleep on our bed. And I was surprised to note that, one time when I was taking a nap, they slept on my bed together.

Life in the household is much easier, and the Daughter’s room, bereft of the litter box, is a little cleaner.
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