GOP, Cuomo, concerts and hiking

boehnerJaquandor, the emperor of Byzantium Shores, muses:

What will it take to get the Republican Party to start moving back to the real world? I look at their collective insanity right now as the 2016 election cycle is revving up, and I remember how I noted in 2012 that if Obama was reelected, THAT year’s Republican Crazy would look quaint compared to what was coming in four years. Now that this prediction is coming OH SO TRUE, I’m worried about what the Republican field will look like in 2020 if the Democratic nominee wins next year.

Some people think that it will take another couple of electoral drubbings for the White House, but I’m thinking, as long as they keep winning at midterm time, that will be enough to keep them thinking that the Insane Approach is JUST THIS CLOSE to winning. (Sorry for the length of the question!)

Re: crazy: I thought the Republicans were in 1994. Now Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker, looks, in retrospect, practically looks like a statesman. You’ve answered your own question: when they start to lose.

I am starting to wonder if party alignments will begin to fray. John Boehrer (pictured) quits as Speaker amidst cheering from some Tea Party types, who considered him a RINO (Republican In Name Only), which is absurd. They are seeking an ideological purity, an “our way or the highway” philosophy, of people who do not appear to want to govern, or even have a government.

If a Democrat wins the White House in 2016, I have a sense that there will continue to be a bloc of obstructionists, in some ways, worse than what Obama faced in 2009, with little chance of a honeymoon. And if it’s a Republican President, I’m not sure he or she will fare much better, because, depending on the Congressional races, it could embolden the House fringe especially.

I can’t think about 2018, never mind 2020.

What’s your general take on Governor Cuomo, now that he’s into his second term? I can’t help feeling there’s something smarmy about the guy.

In some ways, Andrew Cuomo was his father Mario’s enforcer, so he’s been a schmuck for a while. Still, I voted for him in 2006 when he ran for Attorney General, and in 2010, when he went for governor. But I voted against him, twice, in 2014, in the primary and the general election. I ALWAYS voted for Mario, at least a half dozen times.

Some of my antipathy towards Andrew has to do with his generally manipulative ways, particularly with the Common Core education process. He dismantled the Moreland Commission looking into corruption when there was still work to do. He’s hostile to the press, and many citizens. Even the gun control SAFE Act, which I tend to support, I thought was forced through the legislature without due process. During the prison break, he seemed to insert himself in the story as much as possible.

I realized what a jerk he could be when he shows up on his brother Chris’ news program, as Jon Stewart pointed out. He’s just annoying.

This story in the New Yorker from February 2015 is pretty balanced.

There was some controversy in Buffalo recently over tickets to an upcoming Paul McCartney concert — the tickets were WILDLY expensive and sold out almost instantly, leaving a lot of angry people. Do you have views on how live music takes place these days? Demand for Garth Brooks tickets earlier this year led to Brooks actually adding shows to his Buffalo stop — I think he did five total shows — and the Rolling Stones recently sold out Ralph Wilson Stadium. Any thoughts? (What’s with me and the long questions?)

Yeah, I got McCartney tickets on the secondary market for his show in Albany, and they were pricey. I didn’t know until too late if I had followed him on his website a week before the tickets went on sale, I might have had a better shot at the tickets. I don’t have a solution except to say “no”.

Hiking in the woods: Yay or Nay? I’ve always liked hiking but I’ve REALLY taken a shine to it over the last year, now that I’ve got this four-legged-friend to hike with.

On flat services, or mild inclines/declines without a lot of tree roots to trip me up, sure. But I better wear my knee brace, just in case.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

4 thoughts on “GOP, Cuomo, concerts and hiking”

  1. If a Democrat wins the White House in 2016, I suspect there will be somewhat less obstruction in Congress than now because whichever Democrat it is will be white. If Pres. Obama was white, they’d somehow establish some sort of working arrangement. But today’s Republicans simply cannot abide the thought of a black person being President and are outraged that he does not know his place and stay in it.

    As to our current governor, you have stated my opinion almost exactly. After voting for Andrew for AG and for Governor, in the 2014 cycle I voted for Teachout in the primary and for Hawkins in the general. I would have gone for Teachout on the WFP line in the general if Cuomo had not finagled his way to their nomination. As a result, WFP no longer has my support or my contributions.

  2. I have no reason to believe that Legislative and Executive will get along better in 2017, no matter whose name tag the Executive is wearing.

    Andrew Cuomo is not much of a factor in my life, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’d agree with Roger pretty much down the line.

  3. Republicans have hated the Clintons for nearly quarter century now, so if Hillary is the next president, I can’t imagine she’d have any better treatment than President Obama has had from Republicans. But I tend to think that none of the Republicans would fare any better if any of them should win the presidency. On the other hand, a Republican is obviously the only one who would attempt to pander to the extremists in the Republican caucus, so it could be a very dangerous time, filled with ongoing litigation as people sue to get extremist laws overturned.

  4. Cuomo is like a lot of “juniors”: A faded xerox of the original. Something about inherited stature and wealth that makes for weak character, as in GW and JEB! Have you heard Stephen Colbert talk about Jeb Bush? He always smiles and says, “JEB!” like he’s reading the logo. Hilarious.

    John and Bobby Kennedy inherited their philandering ways from their dad, but all in all, they were better than their dad as far as political values went. So they were an exception.

    As far as Publicans go this time around, there is not a single one in the bunch I would consider supporting. Even consider. Even. Ever.

    But then, according to Sister Tea Party, I am a “gay-loving, tree-hugging, Black Lives Matter commie pinko socialist.” (Like there’s something wrong with that!)


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