Eggs trordinaire

I never tried Green Eggs and Ham.

RussianFabergeEggChris E. asked: “Do you like eggs?”

No, no, no. I LOVE eggs.

Eggs were the first thing I could cook on our gas stove at home when I was growing up, using a cast-iron skillet. It meant that wouldn’t be destined to eat cold cereal for the rest of my life.

Eggs are versatile because I could scramble them or fry them or make an omelet. The best thing to put into the omelet are sauteed onions and/or mushrooms, or fresh spinach.

Eggs can be poached. Our household had this aluminum pan that allowed for three eggs to be cooked, with the water between the bottom of the pan and the trio of cups. Now, I just poach them in boiling water and utilize a slotted spoon. Now that I think of it, I haven’t made poached eggs in a while.

For the longest time, when my choir was having a party, I would bring deviled eggs, always. Secret ingredient: dry (powdered) mustard.

When I go out to eat, I often have eggs, especially a Western omelet, that has many different ingredients, because it’s too much work to keep all of those items fresh at home. I’ll even eat an Egg McMuffin if I were in a hurry.

I’m told that, despite scares about it, when dietary intake of cholesterol is decreased, the liver compensates by producing more cholesterol, leaving total cholesterol levels relatively unchanged, and vice versa. So one should be able to eat a reasonable number of eggs each week.

Growing up, I proved to be pretty good at the raw egg toss; I had soft hands in catching the oval projectiles.

Hmm: The CEO Obsessed With Making Eggs Without Chickens.

Culturally, I deeply mourned the terrible death of Humpty Dumpty. I never tried Green Eggs and Ham, but I own the book; it’s GREEN, after all. When I sing in excelsis, it sounds more like “in egg shell cease”. I groaned at Jaquandor’s eggscelent pun he swiped from Facebook.

And of course, I AM the eggman.

I also like the chicken, which came first, but that’s for another day.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

6 thoughts on “Eggs trordinaire”

  1. Did you ever blow eggs? That is to make a small hole in the ‘sharp’ end and a larger hole in the ‘blunt’ end, the blowing out the contents to leave an empty eggshell. Great for playing tricks on your parents if you put them in an eggcup!

    Then there is the science experiment where you create a vacuum in a bottle to suck in a boiled egg whole. I think you can do it with a whole egg if you soften the shell first by soaking it in vinegar. Or am I imagining that?

    Next you can make invisible ink from egg white, and of course there is the egg and spoon race at school sports day.

    You’re right – eggs are incredibly versatile!

  2. I LOVE eggs and enjoy them boiled, scrambled or poached. We have hens so we get to eat their wonderful eggs. If we get a lot of eggs a favourite dish is welsh rarebit. Grate a good amount of cheese, add worcester sauce then whisk egg whites, fold in yolks fold in cheese and then spread on toast and grill until golden brown. Awesome. A great way to finish off a shepherds pie too.

  3. I agree with Arthur: eggstremely eggscellent. It’s easy to become eggasperated with all the egg haters and conflicting medical advice. But it’s easy to eggagerate risk; a few eggs are probably okay as long as you don’t become an eggstremest.

  4. Somehow, SP, I did get an egg in a bottle. But it was SO long ago, I know not HOW. And I did do the egg and spoon race.

  5. Very nice. I love eggs myself and have them for breakfast about five days out of the week. (And, despite being overweight, my cholesterol is, in the words of my doctor, “surprisingly great.”) But I had to add that, in my Lutheran church when I was in the choir as a kid, we were taught to sing “Angels We Have Heard on High” with the choirmaster’s instructions “If you can’t pronounce ‘in excelsis,’ say ‘egg shell cease.'” And now that’s all I ever hear in that song!

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