clinton-sandersA couple days ago, Doug Muder at the Weekly Sift said he was undecided who he’d vote for in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary next week, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. He provided a fair assessment of both candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

What I have tired of in this campaign has been the major liberal pundits’ case against Bernie Sanders, “urging citizens to ignore their conscience.” The idea of supporting Sanders is neither stupid or unrealistic.

I think Robert Reich said it best: “Clinton would make the president for the country we have now . Sanders would make the best president for the country we want to have.” And he’s been at it for a long time. Check out this Doonesbury comic from 1981.

Someone on Facebook – sorry, I’ve forgotten who, wrote:

I’m getting tired of all these “thoughtful” pundits who claim that Sanders just can’t win and that he’ll never get anything done that he wants to do, etc. If they are trying to get folks to switch to Hillary, they’re doing it all wrong. All they are doing is pissing Sanders supporters (and those who are not totally decided) off. It’s a stupid strategy, unless it’s right wing trolls who want Sanders supporters to stay home if he loses. You want people to get behind Hillary? Fine. Convince me. Don’t bash Sanders.

I like the America ad – what can I say?

Yes, there is some Hillary-bashing from some Bernie people, but it’s a different argument, and in any case, not one I’ve ever made. If the Republican candidate is Ted Cruz, winner of the Iowa caucus, or Donald Trump, likely winner of the New Hampshire primary, or Marco Rubio, waiting for those two to collapse, or actually all the remaining GOP candidates, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democratic nominee, know that I will surely vote for her.

But the primary, I think, means voting with one’s heart. I’ve signed Bernie’s petition to get on the ballot in New York State in April. Barring some some unforeseen circumstances, that’s who I’ll be voting for this spring.

2 Responses to “Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?”

  • As you know, I organised my overseas ballot so I can vote in the Illinois Democratic Primary, but I still have NO idea who I’ll vote for. So, the Weekly Sift piece certainly struck a chord with me. But, as you also know, I’ve pledged that I’ll vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is without hesitation (now that I’m all set up, I’ll automatically get a ballot for the November election). So, there’s that decided, at least. Well, that, and the fact I’ll blog about it all, of course.

  • I’ll vote for Bernie because he’s the only candidate who is not a Corporatist. He’s a True Conservative who will uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If Hillary gets the nomination I’ll vote for her because she is much more palatable Corporatist and way more competent than any of the un-American Gops who want to destroy our nation.

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