The penultimate: ABC Wednesday Round 19

You are invited to participate, every week, or as you can, with ABC Wednesday.


At some basic level, I don’t much like being in charge of a lot of things. This month, I’m relinquishing the presidency of the Friends of the Albany Public Library, though I’m staying on the board, even as I join the board of the Albany Public Library Foundation.

I’m also planning to give up being the president of the NY/PA Olin Family Reunion next month. That’s been a four-year term, and I’ll be happy to pass the torch.

So too, I’ll stop being the administrator of ABC Wednesday, the meme where one participates with others, literally from around the world, in sharing a picture, a poem, an essay, SOMETHING with the various letters of the alphabet. But it’s not ending right away. We will have two more trips through the alphabet, ABC Wednesday Round 19 starting the week of July 5.
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