Music Throwback Saturday: Come On Down To My Boat

Every Mother’s Son did have three other Top 100 songs in the US, two from their second, less successful collection, the imaginatively-named Every Mother’s Son’s Back

Every Mother's SonThe band Every Mother’s Son was likely, depending on how you define it, a one-hit wonder. Come On Down To My Boat was the only Top 40 Billboard hit for the New York group, comprised of brothers Dennis Larden (vocals) and Larry Larden (guitar), who had originally performed as a folk duo, plus Bruce Milner (keyboards), Christopher Augustine (drumms), and Schuyler Larsen (bass).

The #6 hit on the Billboard charts was originally recorded by a group called The Rare Breed, which apparently was one iteration of a group called the Ohio Express, but Continue reading “Music Throwback Saturday: Come On Down To My Boat”