The Lydster: Twisting by the pool

She suckeredencouraged her mother and me to actually set up the pool

SwimmingpoolOne of my brothers-in-law and his family had an above-ground swimming pool. But because they were scheduled to move, related to his new job, the family gave US the contraption.

And in our backyard, the parts sat. There were, no exaggeration, 80 pieces listed in the manual, none to scale, and I had neither the time nor the inclination to sort it out.

This is a bit ironic since there USED to be an area in the backyard, bricked off, where an above-ground pool once resided.

The Daughter meticulously marked all the parts in some color-coordinated system that I could not decipher. She ascertained that there were at least a half dozen pieces missing, which we subsequently got from my BIL.

Then she suckeredencouraged her mother and me to actually set up the pool, even though I’m not particularly handy, certainly not as accomplished as she is. And sure enough, the pool pieces all eventually fit together, with her doing the bulk of the work.

We filled up the pool, as it turned out, ONE DAY before an emergency ban in the city of Albany, and neighboring towns, on use of water for that, and several other non-essential purposes such as handwashing one’s car. A sinkhole and a resulting water main break a few blocks away diminished the available water supply.

The Daughter loves being in the pool, even on those evenings that don’t seem that warm, though we have had our patch of hot and humid weather. She is not a particularly proficient swimmer, but she loves doing acrobatic activities in the water.

We haven’t done all the requisite activities. There’s a desalination system (wha? we didn’t use saltwater) but it has been a boon to the Daughter’s fitness, and perhaps more important, her spirit.

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Twisting by the Pool – Dire Straits

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