The penultimate pre-election Trump link dump

Trump says he insulted women ‘for the purpose of entertainment’

I haven’t written about Donald Trump lately. It isn’t that he hasn’t ticked me off. In fact, after about a week of not saying too many irritating things a while back, he has returned to form, and that was before the 2005 tape was revealed.

But I haven’t the energy to rant on him. Other sources are doing that for me. So I’ve cleaned out my email with this link dump.

There are basically two narratives about why the mainstream media is finally spending more time analyzing The Donald:

1) He is the nominee of a major party, not just one of 17 candidates for the GOP nomination. The media were counting on someone who was a grownup would defeat him in the primaries – surely they won’t nominate HIM – and they could pretty much go with the entertainment/ratings of the sideshow. But when that didn’t happen – and it’s been at least likely since March 15, when Marco Rubio lost Florida. – they were then obliged to do their jobs.

2) The media is out to get him because they’re all Hillary Clinton supporters.

I think 1) is true, but I also believe Donald ticked off the media when he called them together for “a major” address on the birther issue, spent 30 minutes doing an infomercial about his properties, spent 30 seconds saying that Barack Obama WAS an American after all and that it was Hillary who created the birther movement. The press corps felt they had been played, and they did not like it.

Did this bring on The Death of ‘He Said, She Said’ Journalism? “The New York Times responds to a candidate who breaks all the rules by discarding some of its own.” In other words, trashing the false equivalence argument?

So here is a load of links about DJT. This is hardly an exhaustive list, just a number I’ve come across since the last link dump. Feel free to add your favorite links in the comment section, or on my Facebook feed to this article.

If you read nothing else, read the first one, because it links to other stories.

Investigative Reporters and Donald Trump: the 9 Best Articles

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

The question of what Donald Trump “really believes” has no answer


Powerful New Clinton Ad Nails The Impact Of Trump’s Vile Behavior

USA Today’s non-endorsement. Plus Newspaper endorsements in the United States presidential election, 2016

UN Rights Chief Blasts Trump as ‘Dangerous’ for Global Community

30 GOP Ex-Pols: Trump a ‘Disgraceful’ and ‘Unacceptable Danger’

Trump budget would boost debt more than HRC’s

The Trump supporter

The ‘Trump Effect’ is contaminating our kids — and could resonate for years

‘Finally. Someone who thinks like me.’

Christians Must Stop Pretending About Donald Trump – Stop pretending that you know what God’s thinking.

How to Talk to Trump Supporters (Robert Reich)

On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…

Video of Trump explaining his dangerous theory that people like him have superior genes

The Post-Trump Problem

Bill of Rights

Trumpism Is the Symptom of a Gravely Ill Constitution; No matter what happens in November, the sickness may be terminal.

Donald Trump Tells Non-Christians At Rally To Identify Themselves

Donald Trump Suggests ‘Freedom Of Expression’ Is Hurting Fight Against Terrorism

On the right to counsel for Ahmad Khan Rahami

International Affairs

Donald Trump’s Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia

Trump Did Business With Castro’s Cuba

Money from the Saudis


Donald Trump Counts on Scamming Others to Make His Money

Donald Trump’s Business Plan Left a Trail of Unpaid Bills and Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills. As a librarian for small businesses, this particularly irritates me.

Trump may not have paid federal taxes for nearly 20 years and Trump Tax Tweets. No wonder he doesn’t release his taxes.

Trump’s father helped him with numerous loans

The People Behind The Apprentice Owe America the Truth About Donald Trump

American Steel workers screwed

Trump Foundation

New York attorney general has notified Donald Trump that his charitable foundation is violating state law – by soliciting donations without proper certification – and ordered Trump’s charity to stop its fund-raising immediately.

Trump Used Foundation Money to Launch Presidential Campaign

Settling legal problems with money from his charity


I had finished this blog post BEFORE the recent revelations. Shows you what I know. I was appalled by the “all guys do it” defense, and the sometimes vociferous attacks by the Trump defenders against men (including myself) who found Trump’s comments abnormal.

The Most Disturbing Aspect Of The Trump Video Is One That Many Men Won’t Appreciate. And a report that in 2010, that it was his M.O.

Trump says he insulted women ‘for the purpose of entertainment’

Trump Called Her A “Cnt” And “Sht For Brains” For Writing A Story He Didn’t Like

50 Ways Donald Trump Is Every Obnoxious Man You’ve Ever Met – He’s THAT guy.

Porn Trump

“The Blacks”

Donald Trump Says Central Park Five Are Guilty, Despite DNA Evidence

Trump Calls For Intimidation At Polling Places In Black Neighborhoods

Trump barred from civil rights museum after his cronies made demands and bullied the staff


Carly Simon allows the use of ‘You’re So Vain’ in an anti-Trump video—with one tiny tweak

Trump Lies about His Birther Past – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Doonesbury on Trump


Cartoon: Donald Trump’s tremendous charities

Mr Brunelle Explains It All – read many of them

Joss Whedon returns with star-studded, anti-Trump video to get out the vote

Satire: Evidence That Trump Is a Genius – CHRISTIE CALLS TRUMP GENIUS FOR PLAN TO BURN DOWN WHITE HOUSE AND COLLECT INSURANCE and Putin cancels campaign event with Trump

In conclusion

Did the movie A Face in the Crowd predict Trump’s rise?

Both Keith Olbermann and Dan Rather point to Trump’s debate threat against H. Clinton as worthy of a despot, tyrant, or monarch – not a president

STEVE SCHMIDT, Republican strategist, on Meet the Press, October 9, 2016:
What [the Trump candidacy] exposes, though, is much deeper and it goes to the Republican Party as an institution. This, this candidacy, the magnitude of its disgrace to the country is almost impossible, I think, to articulate. But it has exposed the intellectual rot in the Republican Party. It has exposed at a massive level the hypocrisy, the modern-day money changers in the temple like Jerry Falwell Jr. And so, this party, to go forward and to represent a conservative vision for America, has great soul searching to do. And what we’ve seen and the danger for all of these candidates is over the course of the last year, these, these candidates who have repeatedly put their party ahead of their country, denying what is so obviously clear to anybody who’s watching about his complete and total manifest unfitness for this office.

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