A for Are You Experienced -Jimi Hendrix Experience

American compilers often choose the singles to be included on the album, whereas the British saw the single and the album as separate entities.

areyouexpukI have the American version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience debut album, Are You Experienced, on vinyl, but it’s difficult to get to in the house. So I went to the public library and borrowed the CD, which has 17 songs, rather than the 11 on my LP. Not that all the other songs were unfamiliar.

What I’ve long known about the Beatles and Rolling Stones and Donovan and many other artists was also true of Hendrix. The US and UK versions were very different, even when the titles were the same. The picture at the top of the page was only vaguely familiar, but it is the original UK cover, which Hendrix didn’t particularly like. Note that the band’s name does not even appear.

Links are to music, but not every song is represented.

The UK/international version, released May 12, 1967, included:

Side one
1. “Foxy Lady” 3:22
2. “Manic Depression” 3:46
3. “Red House” 3:44
4. “Can You See Me” 2:35
5. “Love or Confusion” 3:17
6. “I Don’t Live Today” 3:58
Side two
7. “May This Be Love” 3:14
8. “Fire” 2:47
9. “Third Stone from the Sun” 6:50
10. “Remember” 2:53
11. “Are You Experienced?” 4:17

The original North American edition, released August 23, 1967, dumped Red House, Can You See Me, and Remember in favor of the singles Hey Joe, Purple Haze, and The Wind Cries Mary, even though they weren’t hits in the US, initially. American compilers often choose the singles to be included on the album, whereas the British saw the single and the album as separate entities.
Notice that even the same songs are slightly shorter on the American iteration. Hendrix liked this psychedelic cover far more.

Side one
1. “Purple Haze” 2:46
2. “Manic Depression” 3:46
3. “Hey Joe” (Billy Roberts) 3:23
4. “Love or Confusion” 3:15
5. “May This Be Love” 3:14
6. “I Don’t Live Today” 3:55
Side two
7. “The Wind Cries Mary” 3:21
8. “Fire” 2:34
9. “Third Stone from the Sun” 6:40
10. “Foxy Lady” 3:15
11. “Are You Experienced?” 3:55

Also on the CD are the B-sides of the UK singles Stone Free (Hey Joe), 51st Anniversary (Purple Haze), and Highway Chile (The Wind Cries Mary).

In any configuration, Are You Experienced is considered one of the best debut albums of all time.

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17 thoughts on “A for Are You Experienced -Jimi Hendrix Experience”

  1. My daughter Ingrid is very much a fan but not for me I’m afraid!
    But, ‘Yey yey yey’….Beatles every time.
    Watch out for Leslie next week!
    Best wishes,

    Di xx ABCW team.

  2. Not experienced with Jim Hendrix I fear – different generation, – too busy raising a family and being a Mum… Nevertheless, listened and liked, although I probably wouldn’t have at the time of publishing. My tastes have become more experienced…

  3. And “Red House” first appeared here, if I remember correctly, on one of those Warner Bros. sampler albums. (The version on Smash Hits is slightly different.)

  4. I wonder why the American versions were shorter. Did the producers think we have (had?) short attention spans? What were we talking about? I like the American cover better, too. Definitely speaks to being experienced. 🙂

  5. I didn’t realize that UK and USA releases of the same artist would vary, since they’re both English speaking countries. I knew that versions in Latin America were different, since I have a few of them. Blessings, my friend!

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