“Why so many blacks in ads?”

“An America fully integrating blacks is a better America.”

Old Navy ad

“Why so many blacks in ads?” is one of those burning issues that I was totally oblivious to until Frank S. Robinson, no relation to the Hall of Fame outfielder, as far as I know, laid it out recently.

He wrote that “I’ve made a point of tallying blacks in ads and commercials. And in fact they are way overrepresented, relative to their 13+% population share.” Oh, dear! And I thought we were supposed to be post-racial!

An “over-educated Trump supporter” named Bruce who’s “a conscientious, growing, practicing follower of Jesus Christ” – that is oxymoronic to me – elucidates further that not only are there too many blacks, but that “women as the head of household and/or the ‘brains of the outfit’ are overrepresented” as well, and breaks down other delineations.

“Urban liberal advertising agency powers are still directing ad content and money to buy ad campaigns, so this should be no surprise.

“However, are they risking a backlash? Are they fomenting a bit of ‘reverse racism’ and unnecessary divisiveness?”

Oh, so NOW it’s “divisiveness”. Maybe I need that course that some GWU law professor suggested to understand certain disgruntled 2016 voters.

To deal with this “scourge”, I recommend:

Frank should look at TV commercials, not just in recent years, but over the period that there has been national television. Let’s pick 1947, because that makes it an even 70 years, and because that was the year the World Series was first broadcast nationally – OK, to six cities from Schenectady to St. Louis.

Bruce should calculate the racial composition of those ads running in the 1950s and 1960s and well beyond versus the racial breakdown. He would discover, shockingly, that there was a certain group that was “overrepresented” compared to its numbers in the population for a very long time.

Moreover, the ads are representing a changing demographic. One in seven marriages in 2014 were of people from different races/ethnic groups, so the commercials represent not just what is but what will be.

At the point that the average number blacks and Hispanics et al. in ads are overrepresented over the seven-decade span – and not just the “non-threatening black friend” (yikes, 1 black person among 4 white people is already over your 13% quota!) – I’ll get back to them on what to do about this “problem”.

Meanwhile, I’ll muse over Frank’s assertion: “That yuppie demographic is where the consumer-spending money is. And for them, blackness is actually attractive; connoting coolness, hipness, with-it-ness, knowing what’s going on. Not inferior but superior. And to this demographic, an America fully integrating blacks is a better America. Putting them in ads hence creates a positive buzz.”

In other words, that assertion from the 1960s and ’70s that some deemed “racist” may be true: Black IS beautiful. And speaking of which, Procter and Gamble put out an ad called the Talk, which a conservative site described, in the title of its article, as “‘Sick sick sick’ racist Procter & Gamble ad crosses every line! If you are white, brace yourself before watching”.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

42 thoughts on ““Why so many blacks in ads?””

  1. The backlash is in full swing. The blatant reverse racism has caused me to avoid companies that put these ads on TV. Way too many blacks in TV ads. Also, ads that depict white people as buffoons while depicting blacks as all knowing and seeing are disgusting.

  2. After years of whites only ads, and a changing demographic, I’m fascinated by the many responses tp Frank Robinson’s article. It has been very informative.

  3. I felt compelled after reading this string of letters entitled an article I suppose, to implore the writer or scribbler to help POC on a global basis by going to a POC run country and offering your services to remove the product of the white man’s evil intellect, namely land mines. I feel confident that you are at least capable of removing one mine and if you bring some friends along with you, I’m sure a couple more mines can be safely detonated. You’ve should have no fear of “Bouncing Betty’s” castrating you as it is unlikely you possess the required attributes.

  4. Roger..you are CLUELESS..with your liberal ILK assertion a blacker America is a better America..you liberal leftist loser ! That is racist in itself.

  5. We all are equal and loved by God. But it would be nice to see husband and wife of the same race.

  6. This BLACK BLACK BLACK crud is out of control. People are SICK OF IT!
    People need to see through the ads/manipulation and recognize the intention is to make us all OBSESSIVE ABOUT SKIN COLOR. And the ones pushing this are succeeding. COLOR is all anybody talks about any more.

    I find myself searching out OLD OLD movies/TV content in order to avoid this disgusting nonsense of SHOVING BLACK & OTHER NONWHITES IN MY FACE every time I turn on TV.

    –Enough already!

  7. Has anyone ever seen the island “Haiti”? For those who have not, look up images on the internet. It is a 3rd world DUMP! However a hundred years ago it was in better shape. I will tell you it is run by Black people. There are no Caucasian people at all. It looks worse than a zoo with absolutely no business at all to support it. If anybody wants parts of America to look like Haiti than give black equal rights. We can start by eliminating welfare to any Black people. Give them 10 years to build up businesses in this country which is called United States. I will bet my life savings that there is not one business that self-sustaining in 10 years, Unless you have whites helping them! Look at downtown Minneapolis in Minnesota and there’s a great example of an area that blacks control guess what it’s a waste land!

  8. “Haiti is poor … (because of the whites) in France and the US.” Cool story, bro.

  9. This BLACK BLACK BLACK crud is out of control. People are SICK OF IT!

    Totally agree, this is not diversity, it’s monopoly! I am sick of it too as well as many other people I know. If Black is a color than so is White, so this people of color stance is racist by not including white!!! Every commercial and the majority of programs – all shoving the blacklash down everyone’e throat. The Blacks are not the only race to ever have had to deal with hardship on every level. What about the 6 million people that were murdered in WWII???? Enough is enough.

  10. It’s unfortunate if some “people are sick of it.” I’m observing a very different trend, where more folks are realizing that racism and other forms of hatefulness are harmful and destructive.
    Our families, communities, and nation will be happier, stronger, and more productive when all people are treated with dignity and respect.

  11. This BLACK BLACK BLACK crud is out of control. People are SICK OF IT! AND LACK OF CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!

    Totally agree, this is not diversity, it’s a monopoly! I am sick of it too as well as many other people I know. If Black is a color than so is White, so this people of color stance is racist by not including white!!! Every commercial and the majority of programs, especially award programs – all shoving the back lash or rather black lash down everyone’s throat. The Blacks are not the only race to ever have had to deal with hardship on every level. What about the 6 million people that were murdered in WWII???? Enough is enough. And now we have to deal with all this migration that is totally out of control. Trump was dealing with this much better than Biden. And Trump never received any credit for initiating the vaccine roll-out. So Biden just gets to sail on Trump’s coat tails.

  12. It’s time to respect each other. I have noticed that whites are not getting any positive commitments from news organizations or our fearless leaders.
    Our society has become a push racist to the limit society in order to cause resentment between both whites and blacks.
    We are adults and adults should understand we are all equal especially in the United States of America.
    This racism is being created and pushed by our bottom feeders (congress) and elected officials . They want us divided for United we all win. They can’t have that!

  13. There’s more whites in the United States than any other group. But when looking at media, you’d think we’re living in Africa. They make heros, doctors, lawyers, etc black in media which is the complete opposite of real life. There are no black criminals in media which is the complete opposite in real life. This reverse discrimination is being put forth by White men who run the world. They’re attempting to create division which makes for an unstable population so we’re more easily controllable.

  14. Helen Keller could see that Blacks are extremely overrepresented in TV sitcoms & commercials, but especially in YouTube ads.
    It’s blatant.
    My hunch is that the Bolshevik Jews, who are incapable of turning off their nation-wrecking propaganda, create most of these ads do it for 2 reasons:
    First, by having many depictions of blacks in ads acting normal & non threatening is an attempt to fool gullible whites into thinking Blacks are “cool, hip, wise” & generally not the savages we know them to be in public.
    Secondly, it simultaneously attempts to teach Blacks how to act human in an effort to civilize them.
    Like all Marxist liberal endeavors that try to uplift Blacks, it will be a resounding failure.

  15. Helen Keller was a remarkable person who would encourage all of us to treat others with dignity and respect, regardless of religion, nationality, or other variations of the human family.

  16. If the tards think they’re changing our minds about schvartzes by constantly putting them in our faces like that, they are gravely mistaken. Blacks lives don’t matter at all.

  17. If the tards think they’re changing our minds about the schvartzes by constantly putting them in our faces like that, they are gravely mistaken. I am starting to make a list of products that keep promoting blacks as if they are the only people on earth. I will no longer buy them.

  18. Sick of all the blacks shoved down our throats on tv commercials. I mute all of them. Now every couple on tv is interracial. That doesn’t represent reality at all.

  19. Watching less tv might help with this. Our communities and our nation benefit from diversity. It’s long past time to treat others with dignity and respect.

  20. Wow! The abundance of ignorance on both sides is resounding… but some points are valid. 1) There are no totally black governed countries that are remotely self-sufficient 2) blacks are extremely over represented in media 3) blacks think being an “athlete” makes them a leader. Example, Lebron James. He can’t get it through his head that he isn’t Michael Jordan but still wants everyone to think it, to a point he re-makes his movie. In a sport where being tall is the key, I want to know where all his knowledge is coming from? The ball? Not his WHITE coaches I bet. His training? Exactly what exercises do you do to be 6’8″? Sounds like the guy just takes credit for something HE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE CONTROL OF. But yeah, don’t get too wrapped up in black vs white. None of us win vs the ultra-rich when we push back. 2020 Election results prove that.

  21. You seem to be a humane and intelligent person, Roger, so I will take the time to type something (I rarely do). I have been on many, many threads and sites in trying to understand the extreme representation of blacks in commercials on American TV. I don’t watch Prime Time TV but I watch a lot of major league sports. So I see a lot of commercials (which I frequently mute). Although completely Caucasian (strongly Dutch background) I have been married to a woman for 15 years who would be seen as “Black” (actually White, Native American, Indonesian, and Black). I read voraciously and have an advanced degree. I am more knowledgeable than most people about a lot of the variables crunching in on us US citizens. It seems that most people curious about the extreme representation of Black people in commercials are resentful…and angry…or worse. My curiosity, though, does not seem to be addressed anywhere.

    What I wonder is why Blacks are represented to be so prosperous and living the dream (actually I am also offended when young White couples are shown living the dream when a wealthy, sociopathic elite has stolen almost everyone’s future). My questions are why are they shown that way and is it harmful or beneficial to most Blacks? Are they comforted that it appears that some Blacks are living the dream as shown in the commercials? Or are they stressed to think that even they could have such a life and can’t imagine having one? Or are they completely turned off because they know the commercials are so insidiously dishonest?

    The closest thing I have come to for an idea I picked up in Benjamin Barber’s extremely useful book CONSUMED. I can imagine that the corporate people who actually run the world (including its democratically elected leaders) need to expand the American dream of fast-food and permanent adolescence and thus make commercials more for the rest of the world so that the people of Asia and India and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere see America as tremendously unsegregated.

    I actually do empathize even with many Americans who are disgustingly hateful and racist that see Blacks represented in commercials completely different than how they are permitted to live in our society. The disadvantages that have led to that are illuminated in many books, one especially good one being THE COLOR OF MONEY by Mehrsa Baradaran. I guess my point of all of this is that I suspect that Black people are being used yet one more time by the corporate elite to sell an image of America overseas. Why spend money to make one set of commercials for America and one for overseas? Now that “globalization” has freed capitalism from any responsibility to any citizens anywhere, we Americans in practice are really citizens of the New World Order (where we have no elected representatives), and the commercials these multinationals make are for their global constituency, not specifically for Americans.

    At least it’s the most plausible reason I can think of…but am open to suggestions or corrections.

  22. Its disgusting.who cares about haitians.america is for white people.not foreigners.we need to take back everything that we built.blacks should not be allowed in good neighbor hoods.they promote violence turn every neighborhood into the ghetto.blacks are lazy people they dont cut their lawns or keep up their property.

  23. I think that the 13% get more than the lions share of government and social benefits. What is the return on the investment? Keeping people fat and happy so that they will not burn everthing down is not a valid excuse. There are laws that are supposed to be enforced to handle rioters. I have read that since the 1960’s over 40 trillion dollars have gone into bringing people up to speed. However, it appears that the money was apparently wasted. Not only that, but with CRT instigating and fomenting racial divisiveness it appears that we have come full circle. Again, what has it gained and what is the return on the investment?

  24. The Liberals are shoving advertisements showing black people who live a life that’s not representative of the majority down our throat just to cater to a group of college age liberals, without any life experience, who managed to change our society through the use of social media. What is reality is most black people live in dangerous inner cities and can barely survive day-to-day. Over 10,000 black people kill each other with gun violence per year. If you look at most interracial relationships it’s black men with white women who are basically also living in abject poverty, lacking education. Say what you will, America is falling apart. There are no social boundaries left. Is this country better off than it was 50 years ago? I don’t believe that’s even a rhetorical question.

  25. Look at pro sports you have to be Black, and every week white people are jumping up and down over it,,,,, I work at a college I know for a fact that most blacks are passed just because,,, Iam a gay white male in Oklahoma who made a living doing Black hair for years when the curl was the end thing,,some thing or someone is behind this making our world Black,,,all of my friends that are black are doing much better than I’am and when I point this out they just laugh! I don’t know what will happen with this movement but it doesn’t look good its like watching the planet of the ape’s the US is white 69 percent wake up America

  26. Hello Stephen Vassar, Take a look at the Oklahoma State Legislature. Looks like they are very open to white membership, especially for men. Can’t quite tell how many of them might be LGBTQ.

  27. Bottom line is Blacks are being shoved down our throats because they riot and steal and burn buildings when they are really mad, until they get their way.

    Who are the cowards that got our TV commercials and television programs out of proportionally Black, especially mated with a white mate?

  28. With the first anniversary of the January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building upon us, it is apparent that the rioting, stealing and violence was perpetrated by folks who were predominantly, if not totally, white.

    Likewise for mass shootings, including, tragically, at schools.

    If you don’t like what you see on TV, why not turn it off, or at least change the channel?

  29. The Black population in America is less than that of Hispanics/Latinos and yet they are in EVERY SINGLE TELEVISON AD!!! What Gives? I have even stopped watching USA Television because I
    feel as If I am in some country in AFRICA instead of the USA!!!
    America i.e. The United States is made up of Immigrants from more than a dozen countries! Yet the
    clueless and ignorant CEOs at Major U.S. companies Insist on Portraying the USA as ALL BLACK!!
    Non-Blacks like myself and others should do something about REQUIRING U.S. companies to INCLUDE OTHER ETHNIC GROUPS IN THE UNITED STATES!!

  30. I agree with Rose that the Latin/Hispanic population percentage wise is higher than black. There should be inclusion of all ethnic groups/races. America was built by immigrants from all nationalities, let’s try to include them all in advertising. It started bothering me recently, and actually started googling it and I’m glad that I’m not alone on this reality. Get with the program Corporate America, you might start seeing better profits..

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