Xmas: St. Nicolas Day to Russian Christmas

“Reverend Roger Green said the event is one of his favorite parts of the job.”

In a recent sermon, one of my pastors noted that he had received a circular for holiday shopping in September of this year. He promptly threw it into the recycling bin. That would have bugged me too.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook on November 16 that a certain local radio station was already playing Christmas music. I commented, “Thanks for the warning. Will avoid.”

On December 6, though, I started playing at least parts of my now vast collection of holiday CDs. It’s because it’s St. Nicholas Day in parts of Europe.

And I keeping playing it until January 6. After all there are 12 days of Christmas. It’ll be Three Kings Day in places like Puerto Rico, and Christmas in the Eastern Orthodox church. Since I grew up in a largely Slavic neighborhood in Binghamton, NY, most people called it “Russian Christmas.”

I should note, however, that there are seasonal things I do enjoy even in November. Arthur’s array of ads from New Zealand and the UK don’t irritate me as much as the American-made versions, maybe because they’re generally so well crafted. Or perhaps I just find them quaint. Here are some more ads.

Advent: Hearing God in a Female Voice

Ha! An article about having a “Stress-free” holiday included such wisdom as “You don’t have to make everything from scratch.” Good to know, but that wasn’t happening anyway.

Do you wish “Merry Christmas” to a rabbi?

This caught my attention in a positive light, though it’s happening throughout the year: Alexandria [Louisiana] church holds community feeding day. “Reverend Roger Green said the event is one of his favorite parts of the job.” No relation to me, as far as I know.

Now I Know: The Forgotten History of Jingle Bells

Where did Frosty put his money?
In the snow bank. All his assets were frozen!

What is Santa’s favorite sweater?
His Fleece Navidad

Seasons Greetings

For ABC Wednesday

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