The small joys of life: a new dishwasher

That could NEVER have happened with the previous, clanky dishwasher.

We bought our current house in May 2000, about 51 weeks after we got married. But it took about 60 months before we could afford to buy a new dryer, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, no two in the same calendar year. All the kitchen appliances were by General Electric.

The washer is still fine. The stove is OK as long as you lie to it; if you want 350F, better to set it at 375F. The freezer door has not sealed entirely correctly since 2007, when I hit my head on it; to be fair, I didn’t expect someone to OPEN the freezer door while I was getting something from the main part of the refrigerator.

The new dishwasher, though, was how was a disappointment pretty much from the start. The biggest pain was the silverware section. It was attached to the appliance’s door, and one really couldn’t put in the knives, forks and spoons from that angle. One COULD remove the contraption, but it wouldn’t stand up on its own, so we had to wedge it between the kitchen faucet and the wall.

We would start to wash the dishes, but forget the silverware constantly, maybe a third of the time the first year. And one couldn’t put the knives in the back row of certain sections, because the rack then wouldn’t attach to the door.

Ultimately, though, the machine stopped working altogether. More correctly, it ceased cleaning the dishes well, and left water settled on the bottom of the appliance, which we had to suck up with a Shop Vac.

Then, for about a month, we gave up and started washing all the dishes by hand. This was fun at first – it was my primary task as a kid – but ultimately tedious. My wife and daughter went shopping and picked out a new dishwasher.

So I was overjoyed when the Bosch brand machine of dishwasher was installed. An hour a day regained for me! The only problem is that it’s SO quiet that I have inadvertently opened it while it was operating. That could NEVER have happened with the previous, clanky dishwasher.

And one of the best features – no, I have not been compensated for my kind words – is that top drawer you can see, I hope, where the large serving spoons and carving knives and spatulas can reside. It’s kind of cool.

I was having lunch with couple near-relatives recently, and we decided that we can tell we’re getting old when we write about our appliances and our lumbago.

Author: Roger

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3 thoughts on “The small joys of life: a new dishwasher”

  1. I love my dishwasher even though the silverware tray is in the door. I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s about time we get a new washer and dryer. The dryer keeps running and running even though the clothes are dry and the washer which used to be really quiet is now really loud.

  2. I am currently enjoying a new water-heating system – after the old tank died, I decided (after talking it over with the plumber I trust) to go tankless.

    The bad news was my schedule and the need to special-order the unit (still not a lot of call for them here) meant I went a week without on-demand hot water.

    It is SO MUCH NICER not to have to heat water on the stove to wash with, and to be able to properly wash my (long) hair. (The last time I washed it before the new heater, I just finally said “Forget it, I’m not waiting for more water to heat and wind up with residual shampoo in my hair” and turned the (cold) sink tap on for a rinse.

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