Wait: did I write that?

Learn-as-much-by-writingInstead of writing blog posts as a good blogger should, I have spent an inordinate amount of time recently skimming my blog posts from May 2010 through February 2017. Why would that be? Primarily for posterity. And I discovered a lot of “did I write that?” moments.

I was getting rid of these “Continue Reading” tags in my blog. And I discovered some interesting things.
1) I used the words “couple of” WAY too often.
2) The majority of the typos I found were me typing the same word twice: “the the”, e.g.
3) I had some yeasty discussions going on with Uthaclena and Sharp Little Pencil and New York Erratic and of course Jaquandor and Arthur and others. It was fun!

Polly ticks

In fact, I found a comment Arthur made in early 2017 about a post I wrote about the Electoral College. “About the possibility of many states having recounts—SO?!! Apart from the cost to taxpayers, it seems like a necessary price to pay for democracy. And the result would have to be pretty close to get many states recounting.”

The problem is, of course, that Arthur, as a rational being, was thinking about a logical process, one without people ginned up by conspiracy theories, crackpot lawyers, and, of course, a pathological liar-in-chief.

My, I ended up writing about Agent Orange, my preferred moniker for him at the time, a LOT, especially by January 27, 2016, when I was willing to state: “I’m now convinced that Donald J. Trump could be elected President this year.”

My wife recently asked me why I thought that way back then. In part, it was probably because of the prognosticators during the 2015 Republican nomination season who insisted that he had a 20-30% “ceiling” among Republican voters. But that was when there were 17 candidates.

Once Jeb Bush, the presumptive nominee, failed to catch on, the race was up for grabs. And after Marco Rubio lost the Florida primary in his own state on March 15, 2016, the race for the nomination was essentially over.


But what I found really fascinating is that there were blogposts concerning ME, that I wrote, that had totally slipped my mind. And they weren’t all that long ago. For instance, getting a ride from a total stranger because she thought I looked like Santa Claus. Oh, yeah, that’s right.

Or my Thanksgiving 2016 piece about buying someone some pizza. I had TOTALLY forgotten about this story. Heck, I read it and said, “Hey, this Roger fellow isn’t a bad guy.”

Here is one of my greater failings. I am MUCH more likely to remember things that I should or should not have said, should, or should not have done than the good stuff, from FOREVER ago. They are always there, just below the surface.

Anyway, now that I’m back from a brief vacation with my family, and I have completed my obsessive/compulsive task, I have about seven more posts clogging my brain until I dislodge them onto you.


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