Faux title songs #8: Prine-Simple Minds

Queen, Radiohead, SHeDAISY


These are more faux title songs. The album name appears as a lyric, but it’s not the title song. There is no actual title song, but these can be faux title songs.

When I Get To Heaven – John Prine. Album: The Tree Of Forgiveness. Lyrics: “I’m gonna open up a nightclub called ‘The Tree of Forgiveness'”

Over and Done With – The Proclaimers. Album: This Is the Story. Lyrics: “This is the story of our first teacher.”

Man With a Mission – Procol Harum. Album: The Prodigal Stranger. Lyrics: “I’m the prodigal stranger; I’ll burn down the house”

p:Machinery  – Propaganda. Album: A Secret Wish. Lyrics: “A secret wish the marrying of lies” Public Enemy’s “Party For Your Right to Fight” concludes with the line: And it takes a nation of millions to hold us back.

The Order of Death – Public Image Ltd. Album: This Is What You Want… This is What You Get.

Dancer – Queen. Album: Hot Space. Lyrics: “Hot space let’s go!”
More of That Jazz – Queen. Album: Jazz. Lyrics: “No more of that jazz.”
Play The Game – Queen. Album: The Game. Lyrics: “Play the game, everybody play the game.”


Identikid – Radiohead. Album: A Moon Shaped Pool. Lyrics: “A moon-shaped pool, dancing clothes.”
2+2=5 (The Lukewarm) – Radiohead. Album: Hail To The Thief. Lyrics: “All hail to the thief.”
Reckoner – Radiohead. Album: In Rainbows. Lyrics: “Like ripples on a blank shore In rainbows.”

Stargazer – Rainbow. Album: Rising. Lyrics: “I see a rainbow rising!”

Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio? – Ramones. Album: End Of The Century. Lyrics: “It’s the end, the end of the century.”

Heart of the Sun – Red Box. Album: The Circle and the Square. Lyrics: “ah! contrasting ceremonies, the circle and the square”

Hold On – Lou Reed. Album: New York. Lyrics: “There’s no such thing as human rights when you walk the N.Y. streets.”

Blue – R.E.M. Album: Collapse Into Now. Lyrics: “Twentieth century: Collapse into now.”
Circus Envy – R.E.M. Album: Monster. Lyrics: “Make way for Monster jealousy.”

We’ll Inherit the Earth  – The Replacements. Album: Don’t Tell a Soul. Lyrics: “We’ll inherit the earth but don’t tell anybody. Don’t tell a soul” -I have this CD.


Forever As the Moon – Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Album: Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel.

Establishment Blues – Sixto Rodriguez. Album: Cold Fact. Lyrics: “And that’s a concrete cold fact”

Street Life – Roxy Music. Album: Stranded: Lyrics: “You may be stranded if you stick around And that’s really something.”

Roadtrip – Runrig. Album: Everything you see. Lyrics: “Everything You See Is everything you need.”

Mission – Rush. Album: Hold Your Fire. Lyrics: “Hold your fire Keep it burning bright.”
Chemistry – Rush. Album: Signals. Lyrics: “Signals transmitted, message received”
The Enemy Within – Rush. Album: Grace Under Pressure. Lyrics: “I’m not giving in to security under pressure”
Prime Mover – Rush. Live show video: A Show Of Hands. Lyrics: A “Alternating currents force a show of hands”
 Animate – Rush. Album: Counterparts. Lyrics: “My counterpart, my foolish heart”
Armor and Sword – Rush. Album: Snakes and Arrows. Lyrics: “The snakes and arrows a child is heir to are enough to leave a thousand cuts”


Smooth Operator – Sade. Album: Diamond Life. Lyrics: “Diamond nights and ruby lights high in the sky”

Lyke Wake Dirge – Buffy Sainte-Marie. Album: Fire & Fleet & Candlelight. Lyrics: “Fire and sleet and candle light.”

Storm Clouds – Samiam. Album: Whatever’s Got You Down. Lyrics: “Will find your way around Whatever’s got you down.”

Gitano – Santana. Album: Amigos. Lyrics: “Goza como gozo yo, amigo.”

The Shadow – Timothy B. Schmit. Album: Feed the Fire. Lyrics: “We need to feed the fire Gotta stir the wind”
All Those Faces – Timothy B. Schmit. Album: Leap of Faith. Lyrics: “Kick your boots off Take a leap of faith”

Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions. Album: Love at First Sting. Lyrics: “On the hunt tonight for love at first sting.”

Satyagraha – 7 Seconds. Album: Soulforce Revolution. Lyrics: “I won’t embrace this thing so blind, A soul force revolution”


I Will… But – SHeDAISY. Album: The Whole Shebang. Lyrics: “I will, I will be the whole shebang.”
Passenger Seat – SHeDAISY. Album: Sweet Right Here. Lyrics: “Ooh, life’s so sweet right here in the passenger seat.”
23 Days -SHeDAISY. Album: Fortunetellers Melody. Lyrics: “It’s a fortuneteller’s melody, it’s how you make me feel.” No video found.

One By One All Day – The Shins. Album: Oh, Inverted World. Lyrics: “And she was no ordinary girl. Oh, inverted world”
Young Pilgrims – The Shins. Album: Chutes Too Narrow. Lyrics: “And ended up the kind of kid who goes down chutes too narrow.”

Las Vegas – Shonen Knife. Album: Fun! Fun! Fun!. Lyrics: “Fun! Fun! Fun! The Fun! Fun! Fun!”

Under the Lights – Shriekback. Album: Jam Science. Lyrics: “Jam Science… and quietly chewing sparks”

Scarborough Fair/Canticle – Simon and Garfunkel. Album: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, And Thyme. Lyrics: “Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.” Of course, I have this album, on vinyl.

Train In The Distance – Paul Simon. Greatest hits compilation: Negotiations and Love Songs. “Negotiations and love songs Are often mistaken for one and the same.” I own this CD, and it was one of the examples that triggered this exercise.

Book of Brilliant Things – Simple Minds – Sparkle In The Rain. Lyrics: “I thank you for the lightning that shoots up and sparkles in the rain.”


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