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Queen of Christmas

lot of christmas songsI have a LOT of Christmas music, 100 LPs and CDs or more. This is why I rarely listen to the radio stations playing holiday music between Thanksgiving (and some even earlier) and December 25. With all the music available, why are so many stations limited to a few dozen recordings?

It’s not that I MIND them. But When my wife tunes in, I’ll hear the same song, often by the same artist, every three or four days. A lot of them are almost as old as I am. Understand I like a lot of them, but still.

Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano
White Christmas – Bing Crosby
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Burl Ives
Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms
Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
Sleigh Ride – Ella Fitzgerald
Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town – Jackson 5
The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth – Bing Crosby/David Bowie
plus various cuts by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and more Bing

Not that I would ever complain about hearing songs from that Phil Spector album, such as:
Here Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane) – Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans
Frosty the Snowman – The Ronettes
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Darlene Love

There are those “newer” songs if you want to call a quarter century “new”:  All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey. And speaking of Carey, her desire to trademark the term “Queen of Christmas” is pretentious and ill-advised. Darlene Love and Elizabeth Chan have raised serious objections, as they should.


Here’s a link from four years ago. Besides the part about Nowell We Sing Clear, there are some of my favorite pieces, including by Tom Petty, Julie Andrews, and Stevie Wonder.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

3 thoughts on “A LOT of Christmas music”

  1. I hear you Rog ………..
    With the wonderful variety of all types of music available we are stuck with the same playlists heard over and over again. I haven’t found an answer yet , even Apple Christmas music 🎵 is disappointing

  2. I’ve been deep diving into Emmylou Harris’ Light of the Stable LP lately. It’s been a few years since I’ve played it this much. I’ve also been really craving traditional Christmas church music (for want of a better term) this year. I’m just wanting to hear choirs singing carols right out of the hymnbook, which is kind of hard to find short of actually darkening the door of a church, which I’m reluctant to do as the possibility of spontaneous combustion seems highly likely.

  3. Eddie- in my away-from-church decade (my 20s, roughly the 1970s), I’d still go to a Catholic service on an occasional Christmas Eve. I’m almost positive that you wouldn’t combust.

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