The whimsy of the found item

hours and hours and hours of pondering

I’ve been fascinated by the whimsy of the found item. One case in point: this drawing. I wasn’t looking for it; nor do I have any idea how it suddenly reappeared. Maybe it was magic.

It was created by someone I know and care about a few years ago, though I don’t recall the circumstances of when/where/why anymore. (No, it was not by my wife or daughter.) Still, interestingly, finding it again brought me more joy than receiving it originally. I decided to take a picture of it. It was overcast and so my office was a bit dark.  Sure I could have gone downstairs, but nah.

I turned on the over-the-desk built-in lamp my daughter made for me last year. Then I set the drawing on my laptop and saw the potential photo. Only my name and the very top of my head were illuminated. I decided that was PRECISELY the picture I wanted.

Because whimsy. I need to lean more into whimsy.


To that end, my wife bought a new case for her cellphone. It’s red, which matches her birthstone. More to the point, I could tell the difference between her phone and mine at a glance.

But sometimes seeing a black item on a cluttered table isn’t easy.  Hey, I should get a new cellphone case too! But what should color should I select? I spent hours and hours pondering this monumental decision.

Okay, that was a lie. But is it really a lie when I’ve let you in on the truth beforehand? Anyway, of COURSE, it’s green, like me.  Specifically, Sprout Green.

Wait, isn’t the Little Green Sprout the protégé of the Jolly Green Giant? Why, yes, he is. So have I inadvertently conned myself into eating more vegetables? That doesn’t align with whimsy at all! Good heavens!

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