I Have a Headache

This one in particular:

I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on some of the YouTube videos about racism. There’s some weird stuff in the videos themselves, but the opinions of some people – oy. Try the conversation about racism in Alberta, for one. Or better still, don’t bother.

There’s a December 2006 CNN poll on racism shows that most Americans do see lingering racism — in others.

Meanwhile, Hispanic Business magazine reports that bias costs companies billions. So, bigotry is not just wrong, it’s expensive.

Not so incidentally, John Mellencamp has a new song called Jena:

It can also be found on his website. BTW, the name of the town is pronounced Gina, not Jenna.

Anyway, I think every once in a while, the fact that we’re still dealing with this stuff makes me feel as though my head were in a vise.

But I don’t think the answer is to pretend that we don’t SEE differences in race, because we do, just like we see red hair or a burka. It’s how we ACCEPT differences, in my view.


Wind Energy

The last post about our vacation week in June. Although, if I find that picture of my wife in Shaker garb that she dressed up in at Hancock Shaker Village on the Friday of that week, I’ll have to show you. As a family outing, it was probably the most successful, for Lydia could look at the animals, and there was a kid’s exploration building, where they could draw, milk a faux cow, as well as see real bees making honey.

Meanwhile, the big deal at the timeshare was that much of the parking would be blocked off the accommodate a wind turbine passing through on the way to the top of the mountain. It came in by ship to the Port of Albany, it was announced on the news, and I knew it by the description that it couldn’t come where we were via either of the routes we took. Route 43 has a nasty turn which would not accommodate sections that long. I was right; they came a more circuitous, but straighter path (on Route 20).

I’m sure I was more interested in these things because I had just done a reference question about wind farms. It seemed like an easy alternative to other forms of energy, and it may be. But the people opposing then complain about a constant low hum, the destruction of birds and bats that run into them, and the evolutionary nature of the technology whereby 30 windmills five years from now may generate as much power as 60 windmills today, as well as the aesthetic considerations. One also needs to look at wind maps to maximize the effectiveness of the items.

Still, I’m extremely curious about them.
I was going to write about this disturbing, and somewhat bizarre racial story in Jena, LA, but Thom beat me to it. The nooses in the story disturbed me viscerally, just reading about it; “strange fruit”, indeed. Read more here.


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