Where Is Lefty Brown?

One of the first persons I “met” in the blogosphere was Chris “Lefty” Brown. I think his musings about comic books were linked to Fred Hembeck’s site. I enjoyed those, but I also appreciated his rants about music, politics and other topics. In fact, I’ve been listening to some of those mixed CDs he made over the years this past week.

Lately, though, he has a new love: the Married Gamers blog and podcast, which he does with his wife Kelly. I appreciate that people evolve, but most talk about gaming just makes MEGO.

So, on your birthday, Lefty, this is MY wish: give your non-gaming fans a couple pieces a week. Your three questions on Friday, and your Top 10. Heck, your Top 10 can be heavily game-oriented, but I can take that in bite-sized portions. In fact, I did listen to about 45 minutes of your last gaming podcast, and I thought that that bit about the Playstation War in the Congo and RAID would have an interest to your broader audience. And I should also note that you, and especially Kelly, are REALLY good at it, much improved over your initial attempts in the medium.

When you’re giving us non-gaming stuff, you might talk about the last CD exchange that I don’t think you’ve mentioned in a couple months, when you announced the participants I have been waiting here with a worm in my mouth ever since for your reaction to my and others’ contributions.

So, Lefty, I’m really happy you’ve found your niche in the gaming world, but anything else you’ve got to share that would remind me of “Left Handed. Left Coast. Liberally Lefty” would warm my heart.

Have a great natal day! (And be glad I didn’t use that OTHER picture of you.)


I got one of those invitations to be LinkedIn to a social networking page. I recognized the person, so I said yes. Later that morning, that same guy, who is a sales rep for a database service we use at work called to see how we were doing with the service. (I had previously spoken to him and complained about the interface of the database.) This led me to ask him, “what’s the benefit of the social network?” I can if he can just call me up, I don’t need to be “connected” to him. He explained that people that one of us is linked to is vetted, in a way. I scratched my head, knowing some people with hundreds of MySpace “friends”,e.g., are no more connected than people one night see at a bus stop.

I’ve gone to parties, and because I tend to be the one who tends more to Lydia than her mother on those occasions, I’ll not have a substantial conversation with anyone. I’ve gone to these father/child breakfast things at Lydia’s day care, and except for a couple dads I’d talk with previously, I didn’t really get to know any of them. We are in the same room, but there’s no real connection.

So how does one get to “know” people? I’m on a couple listservs at work, and just by people asking questions and answering them, I get a feel for the way their minds work. Certainly, I’ve got a sense for people via their blogs, but especially when I’ve exchanged music with them. I was reorganizing my music over the weekend – using drawers I bought at a library auction – and the mixed CDs of Green and Dymowski and Burgas and Brown (come back, Kelly!) and Brown and Bacardi all show up in the same drawer. I’ve never met any of them (well, except for Green), but I feel that I know them better than people I’ve seen face to face recently. That’s both kinda weird and kinda nice.
I’m enjoying listening to discs from Thom (two discs) and Tosy.

A Fun Little Quiz

Copped from Kelly, and, coincidentally, Jaquandor, but they worked off different lists. I started with Kelly’s, then added Jaquandor’s, or, occasionally, not.

1. Go to www.photobucket.com (don’t sign in)
2. Type in your answer to the question in the “search” box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

What is your name?

What is your Relationship Status?

What is your favorite color?

What kind of car do you want?
Don\'t Care

What band/artist are you listening to?

What is your favorite movie?
Annie Hall

What is your favorite Disney Princess?
toy story 2

What is your favorite TV show?

Where did/do you go to school?
New Paltz

Where is your dream vacation?

Name an alcoholic Beverage:
Coke & Rum

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What is your favorite type of shoe?
chuck taylor

What is your favorite song?
Drive My Car

What is your favorite dessert?
carrot cake

What is your favorite letter?
What do you love most in life?

What are you most afraid of?
What annoys you the most? (What, no pictures of “theological arrogance”?)

What’s your favorite animal?
the cats

How old are you?

What one word describes you?

I AM the Iron Lady

Dennis, are you at the gin again?
Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey.

It’s the librarian in me. Cartoonist Doug Marlette died recently, but he’s not showing up in Dead or Alive. The Pulitzer Prize winner was as least as significant as Kerwin Mathews, who “starred in the movie ‘The 7th Voyage of Sinbad’ and “had other swashbuckling film roles in the 1950s and 1960s”, who died on July 5; or Claudia Cohen, the “high-profile gossip reporter often seen on ‘Live with Regis & Kelly'”, who passed away on June 15. So, I’ve submitted Marlette’s name, so far unsuccessfully. Maybe if enough folks do it, they’ll change their minds. They’ve done it before with singer Ruth Brown, who they initially ignored.
In this worrisome article, an argument against the (mere) censure of the President suggested by Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) is made, whereas this piece says that censure is an appropriate “senatorial compliment to the burgeoning movement for impeachment.” I would support the censure.
But the main thrust of the former article is that there will be some self-generated trigger to send a population already primed for an attack on the “homeland” to war: Chertoff’s “gut feeling”, followed by a more stark “national intelligence estimate” (NIE) of the situation, compared with 15 months ago, to show that the intelligence community was “correct”. So, say, San Francisco is secretly attacked by our own government and this will justify an attack on, e.g., Iran? Very paranoid, I hope.
In any case, Mark Evanier, who linked to this article nailed it: “If [the new NIE is] right, we’re in for more terrorist attacks. Isn’t it comforting to know that either that’s true or the entire U.S. intelligence community doesn’t know what they’re talking about?”
A YouTube video called Led Zeppelin – Rip-off Artists. I like LZ, yet this, admittedly, is a hardly exhaustive examination of the appropriation of songs by the band.
ADD linked to a wonderful reminiscence of the glory days of local TV news in Albany by former anchor Ed Dague (the best news anchor Albany, New York ever had). This is almost certainly true. He justified the link in his mostly comic-related blog because I have a comment.

Scott answers my questions about God and baseball.

I provided 5 questions to a bunch of folks. Here are the replies from ADD and Greg and Johnny B and the person who gave me questions in the first place, Jaq.

Also, I did a meme, and at my request, Mrs. Lefty and Edwin and Gordon responded to it.

Those relationships I get, people I mostly don’t know, but I’ve read their stuff, and they mine. But I was looking at my Technorati thingy, and found that I got picked up by a couple aggregators, including this one. The Internet continues to fascinate and confound me.

Oh, speaking of Gordon, something I did a while ago and forgot about:









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Play It Again

In my decades listening to music, there have been songs that I’ve purchased on singles where I just had to play it again. Or album cuts where I had to pick up the tone arm and find the track I just played. Or hit the song repeat button on the CD player. Here are some of them; they wouldn’t necessarily be on my list NOW, but there was a time when they most definitely were.

I do need to tell you first, though, why I’m afraid of Kelly Brown. Not only does she have weird thoughts she thinks I’ll know the answers to, while I compiling this list she posted a piece on songs she likes to play repeatedly. SHE’S READING MY MIND! (Or I’m reading hers.)

King Harvest-the Band. From “the brown album”, the second album, it’s the last song on the LP. It’s the vocals and the lyrics: “My horse Jethro, well he went mad.”

Sail On Sailor-the Beach Boys. The first song on the Holland LP. This was released twice as a single, somebody believed so much in it, but it was never more than a moderate hit.

Got to Get You into My Life-the Beatles. I’d play the (US) Revolver album once through this song, then, if my parents weren’t home, play the song again very loudly. This made Tomorrow Never Knows particularly noisy.

Rock Lobster-the B-52’s. The “hook” is in the very beginning. I even like the Yokoesque segment.

I’m Shakin’-the Blasters. Great rockabilly. Only have on vinyl.

Golden Years-David Bowie. Thin White Duke becomes Soul Train worthy. From an LP.

Cannonball-the Breeders. It was loud and infectious. On a 4-song CD.

The Mercy Seat-Johnny Cash. This is a song about an upcoming execution of the protagonist, for a crime he did not commit (maybe). It is the Benmont Tench keyboards on this song, like his keyboards on Johnny’s version of Hurt, that really stand out for me. From the third American Recordings CD.

Love Gone Bad-Chris Clark. I have these Motown CDs of “hard-to-find” hits, and one was this one by a white female artist I had never heard of, certainly one of the earliest ones on the label.

Mustapha Dance-the Clash. Probably from an EP, this is Rock the Casbah with limited vocals.

A Ballata Of Francesco Landini-Judy Collins. Some Italian ballad from about eight centuries ago. Beautiful last song on the first side of the Wildflowers LP.

(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding?-Elvis Costello. I STILL hear this both as the driving anthem it is and as an a cappella doowop. From a greatest hits CD.

The ’68 Nixon-Denver, Boise and Johnson. A song from a Warner Brothers Loss Leader LP about how the candidate had changed his positions since last time he ran. “He’s more than a candidate; he’s a crowd.” The Denver in this “paid political denouncement” is John Denver; yes, THAT John Denver.

Tell the Truth-Derek and the Dominoes. NOT the version from the Layla album, but the more frenetic version that’s on the Eric Clapton box set.

Celtic Rock-Donovan. The druids are coming. Last song, first side of the Open Road LP.

Takin’ It To the Streets-the Doobie Brothers. The first song I heard with the Michael McDonald vocal. It became a more predictable sound eventually, but when I first heard it, it sounded fresh. From the first greatest hits LP.

Lucky Man-Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Last song on the first album. I used to do a credible simulation of the synth at the end.

I’m In A Different World-the Four Tops. Has a minor chord feel in the verse, major chord in the second half of the chorus. From an LP.

Cuba-the Gibson Brothers. A salsa from a Warner Brothers Loss Leaders LP.

Lonely Avenue -Ian Gillian & Roger Glover. From the Rain Man soundtrack. I put it on a mixed CD for Lefty Brown, who found it “plodding”; obviously, I disagree.

Private Eyes-Hall & Oates. I’m a sucker for hand claps; the Supremes’ Where Did Our Love Go and Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl could be on this list as well. “Private eyes” (clap) “are wanting you” (clap clap). A guilty pleasure.

Something In 4/4 Time-Daryl Hall. Robert Fripp produced an album called Sacred Songs in 1977, but the label didn’t release it until 1980, fearing that it was “uncommercial.” 4/4 Time is the great hit single that wasn’t. Though the verse and chorus were in regular rhythm, the bridge had interesting triplets an odd time signatures. I wish I had it in digital form.

The Love You Save-the Jackson 5ive. Largely because every vocal, save for Michael’s, was well in my range. It’s mostly Jermaine on the shared vocals, BTW.

Cancer-Joe Jackson. The juxtaposition of the topic “there’s no cure, there’s no answer” with the jaunty, piano-driven tune fascinated me. From side 2 of the LP Night and Day.

Lullabye-Billy Joel. Sad songs say so much. From the River of Dreams CD.

Indiscipline-King Crimson. “I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress…” Tom, my boss at FantaCo, described this song as his description of the store. Last song on the first side of the Discipline LP.

Season Of Hollow Soul-k.d. lang. Very sad, very autumnal song from her pop breakthrough album, Ingenue.

Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin. I think I liked the third Led Zeppelin LP more than most people. It’s quieter and more reflective. The exception is the first tune, which I’d play once on its own, then again to start the album.

Church-Lyle Lovett. I feel like I’ve BEEN to church after this. The second song from the CD named after the sixth, seventh, and eighth books of the Bible, Joshua Judges Ruth.

No More Tear-Stained Makeup-Martha and the Vandellas. I wish I could find the lyrics to this Smokey Robinson-penned tune on the Internet, because the second verse has a line that’s really a mouthful. On the Watchout LP.

Maybe I’m Amazed-Paul McCartney. A song on the first solo LP as good as anything his old group did.

Well, that’s enough for now. More some other time.


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