My baseball postseason rooting interest

With the Mets eliminated, I still need to come up with a priority list of teams to root for:

1. Chicago Cubs (NL) – last won the World Series in 1908, so a win this year would be especially sweet.
2. Tampa Bay Rays (AL) – getting the Devil out of their name helped therm fend off the Boston Red Sox in the AL East.
3. Philadelphia Phillies (NL) – I know personally the brother of the Phillies’ Hall of Fame announcer.
4. Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) – based entirely on one person – manager Joe Torre, who got out of the new Bronx Zoo just in time.
5. Milwaukee Brewers (NL) – yes, they took the Mets’ slot but that was really the NY tram’s fault. Anyway, they haven’t been in the postseason in over two decades, when they were in another league (AL).
6. Los Angeles Angels (AL) – don’t see them very often.
7. Chicago White Sox – knocked my father-in-law’s team, the Minnesota Twins, out of the playoff AND got off the WS schneide this century
8. Boston Red Sox (AL) – Boston, with its success in the NFL and NBA, not to mention MLB, needs to be taken down a peg. Or two. Or six.

You’ll note I’m leaning heavily National League. The AL has won TOO often.

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