Let’s Get Physical

I went to the doctor last week for my annual physical. The results: HEIGHT: 5’11 13/16″. Strange, I’ve GROWN 3/16″ in the past 32 years? WEIGHT: Too Much, but 5 pounds less than last year at this time.

I really like my doctor. She really listens. She also rants about the same things I do, like pagers.

One of the things on her checklist is to make sure I have a current Health Care Proxy, and I do, most recently updated in 2003. My wife has a copy, my geographically nearer sister has a copy and my doctor has a copy. If the Terry Schiavo case (a real lose-lose situation) showed anything, it is that people ought not to want their spouse, parents, siblings, and/or adult children fighting in court over who gets to decide end-of-life issues. Most of us don’t like to think of death, but barring Armageddon, it is inevitable. So I feel it is a kindness to have at least this issue under control.

Yet there are some people, including people to whom I am related, who do not have a Health Care Proxy (the linked form is for NYS). Let this be yet ANOTHER subtle reminder.

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