Jamestown and Williamsburg

Lost Details of the Vacation

I’ve told you about our vacation that the family took back in April, back when gas was cheaper, but there were a couple of details I left out. One is that if you’re ever driving anywhere near Baltimore, and you see a road sign saying “Travel plaza ahead,” it is NOT one of the places where you can stop, get coffee and gas, and rest. It’s actually a bus and train station, and it is NOT easy on/off the highway. In fact we drove several blocks before we could find the single McDonald’s which served food.

On the way there, we passed a car that was stopped at the light. When the driver didn’t go forward, we waited several seconds before we honked. He still didn’t move, so we passed him and went down the street. We couldn’t tell as we looked back whether he was okay, or injured, or deceased. So we got to the travel station, and I walked back. The car was still at the intersection. When I got several steps along, he finally apparently woke up and drove off.
The highlight of the trip was Jamestown, for my daughter loved the boats and the hands-on Indian and colonial villages.

Colonial Williamsburg was less fun, but only because we didn’t think it was worth the high cost of a single-day ticket, which is all we had time for; a multiple day ticket WOULD have been worthwhile. Still, Lydia was placated by a fife we bought her (no, not Barney Fyfe.) And it WAS a beautiful day for a picnic. The one “free” place we got to was a church that high ranking officials such as governors, had special seats designated for them. The first two governors are names well known to most Americans, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.

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