The Right Outcome

Schadenfreude doesn’t begin to cover it. I am SO happy that the primary person mentioned here and here is going to jail that I’m seriously thinking about being present at his sentencing. The former barber and, incredibly, assistant Secretary of State, was not only greedy, but arrogant, rude and surprisingly…I’m looking for a less harsh word for stupid. If you were on the phone, he’d want to talk with you – NOW – and would have a hissy fit if he didn’t get his way. Someday, they’ll be LOTS more to say on this. Knowing him, though, he’ll probably end up in a place like this. Still, just know that the news has made me giddy all week.
Oh, and one of his patrons came up with the damndest reasons for opposing Governor Spitzer’s gay marriage proposal, reports Uthaclena here: “This governor has his priorities wrong… given the fatal shooting of a state trooper this week, Spitzer should be worried more about bringing back the death penalty for those who kill police officers.”


OK, so I do oppose the death penalty; I’m not convinced of its efficacy, among other things, and there are too many errors by the criminal justice system. And I do support gay marriage, and it’s enhanced, interestingly, by my interpretation of my reading of this week’s lectionary passage from Acts 11:1-18. But what precludes the NYS legislature from, e.g., introducing BOTH a death penalty bill AND a gay marriage bill? It’s not that they are somehow overworked. Moreover, the stated motivation for the death penalty for cop killers legislation NOW is that recent death of a New York State trooper by accidental friendly fire. To be fair, right after this recent shooting of a state trooper – six dead in 13 months – the state senator was concentrating on the death penalty instead of campaign finance reform.
I’m at my annual work conference last week, and two people come up to me to settle a dispute – being both a librarian and a JEOPARDY! champ, this happens a lot. The question: did Mork and Mindy start off as a spinoff of Happy Days? Why, yes it did, though only Mork appeared. (And in the “not that you asked” category, Happy Days was initiated from a segment of Love, American Style.) Anyway, Mork & Mindy reminded me of Tom Poston, who appeared on that show, three different Bob Newhart shows, and To Tell the Truth, all of which I watched regularly. I had forgotten that he was married to Suzanne Pleshette, who played Newhart’s wife on The Bob Newhart Show. Anyway, the actor, who also guested on many a series I watched, died recently, alas.
Art in less than 10 minutes.
Locally, here’s how to celebrate 50 years since the opening of West Side Story on Broadway!


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