Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I’ve been in conversation with this guy from the local newspaper about putting my little bloggy on the Times Union newspaper blog site. The paper would not exercise any editorial control over my work, and they could move the nearly two years of my back stuff onto the site.

The upside:
Potentially more readers, as the TU would support my/their blog

The downside
No bloglinks (though I could, I suppose, keep a blog with links)
These transfer things always seem to be more complicated than they’re sold on being
I’d get grief from someone about selling out to the evil Hearst corporation

But I’m thinking about it.I imagine those oof you who have strong opinions will share them.

Meanwhile, friend Judy sent me a link to “Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us”:

From an unsolicited e-mail:

Dr. Benjamin Wiker has summarized the background of the popular phrase:

“The story begins with Mr. George Hull, a student of archeology and paleontology who contrived a famous hoax to make money. Hull had a ‘giant’ carved out of stone, and buried on his cousin’s farm in Cardiff , New York . Why? Because evangelists of the time were preaching about lost giants that roamed the earth, and Hull knew he could make a mint if the buried giant was ‘suddenly’ unearthed and put on display. And he did. Things went so well that he was able to sell two-thirds interest in the giant for $30,000 to a group of men, one of them being banker David Hannum (who believed the giant real). P.T. Barnum tried to buy the giant, but Hull and Hannum wouldn’t sell. So, ol’ P.T. had one carved of his own, and claimed Hull and Hannum’s was a fake! Seeing the streams of visitors flowing in to see P.T.’s ‘giant’, Hannum, still believing his own giant to be real, declared: ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’ROG

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