Worst Day of the Year

Today is considered the worst day of the year in these parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Not only is it cold – and it has been cold over much of the country, it seems – but Seasonal Affective Disorder tends to kick in. Last week, for reasons largely outside my control, I only got to play racquetball Monday and Tuesday. But when I didn’t play on Friday, I thought I was going to lose it. I know that exercise is important in fighting SAD, so this was doubly frustrating.

For me, there is a reverse correlation between exercise and eating; the less I exercise, the more I eat, and usually the stuff on this list rather than this one.

The mantra THIS TOO SHALL PASS is only mildly satisfactory, but, fortunately, generally accurate.


‘Tis the Season to ASK ROGER ANYTHING

This is the part of the program where I stand on stage like Carol Burnett before the show and you pose irreverent, irrelevant, irrational and/or irritating questions, and I HAVE TO ANSWER. Not only that, I promise it’ll be the truth; it may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but as Jimmy Carter once said to the American public, “I’ll never lie to you.”

You could ask if I think the National Football League is somehow fixing the games – there have been some controversial calls – so that the New England Patriots will be 15-0 going into their final game against the Giants which can only be seen on the network that the league owns, and which is not available from many cable companies, such as Time Warner.

You could ask me what my absolute favorite play of the season in the NFL was. Note, however, that I haven’t seen a whole game all season, and that I’ve likely seen the most football waiting for 60 Minutes to come on.

You could ask me what the Baseball Hall of Fame ought to do about the players in the Steroid era.

You could ask me who my hero is.

You could ask me why this sentence on the FCC website for December 18 makes me gag: “FCC Adopts Rules To Promote Diversification Of Broadcast Ownership.”

Well, you get the idea.
ADD is right.


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