Blogging about blogging can be habit-forming

We’ve gotta stop meeting like this.

As a result of a difficulty I had with one of my other blogs on Blogger – this weird bX error that others suffered through too – I copied this blog (and that one) in its entirety to WordPress this past month. I’m not that familiar with WordPress, though my Times Union blog appears on it, so I will play with that at some point. But this Blogger blog will still be my primary blogging outlet until further notice, if only because whatever minimal promotion I’ve done has been to the Blogspot address. Also, I haven’t followed up to post the subsequent items on WordPress, so that is a factor.

I added a couple of bloggers to my sidebar. One is Gary who describes himself as the “old dude”. He’s only 16 years older than I am, so I wouldn’t call him old at all; gotta be at least 25 years older than I am to be old. He’s, er, more politically conservative than I am, but he can tolerate me, then I can tolerate him. In fact, it was Gary’s sidebar that inspired me to START to tweak mine, so that at least I can see when at least some of the bloggers listed they last posted. (Yeah, Yeah, I can do the RSS feed thing; I just haven’t.)

I also added Demeur from Gary’s sidebar, just for some political balance. (Did I mention that Gary’s rather conservative?) Also, WayneJohn seems more comprehensible than the so-called “blogger help”.

Another is yet another damn blog from Alan David Doane, who currently kvetches a lot about his dental work. See, I do all my kvetching right here. And speaking of ADD, I liked this link he found about what makes a good blog.

My near-twin Gordon had a post about all the cool things he’s doing on his blog. I must admit I didn’t understand about 70 percent of it.

One of my blog posts was linked to the Comic Reporter this past month with this single sentence: “One retailer recalls the 1987 Comic-Con.” No mention of my name; no mention, even, of FantaCo. Talk about being damned with faint praise.

I came across a blogpost that read as follows: “A friend of mine, Roger Green, often reminds me that the enemy of excellence is not the pitiful or horrible, but rather just the good.” No, it was not me. I found the post and replied: “It seems also true the perfect can drive out the good; if I can’t be perfect in my relationship with God, I might as well give up.”

Another blog post about face transplants cites “Roger Green, president of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, said: “This particular surgery is a way of giving back a life to a patient who has been horribly scarred by burns, trauma or a tumour.”
In other news, my HP printer died, quite a few months ago, actually, and I was forced to go out and buy a new one. It’s a Brother, which not only prints but copies, scans, and if I had a phone line for it, faxes. It only cost $70, but after you add in the USB port cable and various ink cartridges, it was closer to $200. Still, once I’ve mastered the scanning technique – assuming I master the scanning technique – you’ll be able to see some of the results on this blog.


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