The Real Forrest Gump

I’ve been always been rather so-so about the movie Forrest Gump. It was a technological marvel, yet it often felt at arm’s length away emotionally. I guess I never bought Sally Field as his mother either, especially after having seen her and Tom Hanks as contemporaries in the movie about comedy, Punchline.

I don’t know what I was looking up when I discovered that there was a guy named Sammy L. Davis, no relationship to the late entertainer, and that his military heroism that took place 40 years ago today was, in part, the inspiration for the movie character.

He doesn’t look at all liker Tom Hanks.
This was on Evanier’s page a while ago, but I do so love this video about waterboarding with a Beach Boys beat.
I’ve decided that Nancy Grace’s very existence is a test of my Christian faith. I hate Nancy Grace. OK, I don’t hate her exactly, but her brand of “journalismm” where she pronounces people guilty before all the facts are in offends my sensibilities; she’s often parodied for a reason. She also has an annoying voice.

So when she, at the age of 48, gave birth to twins this month prematurely, and developed blood clots in the lungs, I had to fight, with all my strength, getting a feeling of schadenfreude. So, I (choke) wish Nancy Grace well so she can go annoy me again.
CNN distorting a story big time:


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