Getting Old

The Coolwalkingsmoothtalkingstraightsmokingfirestoking Pete Townsend turns 62 today, by some measures, a senior citizen, so this seems somehow appropriate.


It’s not that easy to smash a guitar, I guess.

Learn from the master.
The Tulip Queen And Joan Jett
I haven’t purchased The SABR Baseball List & Record Book: Baseball’s Most Fascinating Records and Unusual Statistics – yet, but I’m seriously intrigued/sorely tempted:

“…over 700 stat-driven lists, most of them quirky and engaging enough to keep the average fan submerged in a geeked-out stupor for hours. A random sampling:
• Most Career RBI without Ever Leading League: How is it possible that Willie Mays never finished a single season atop the NL’s RBI rankings?
• Players Who Retired with Fewer Than 200 Career Home Runs but Hit 40 in a Season: You might know that Davey Johnson smacked a career-high 43 dingers in 1973. But did you know that he only hit 93 more during the rest of his career?
• Most Wins, by Pitcher’s Age, in a Season: Bob Feller holds the record for most wins by a 17-, 18-, 20-, and 21-year-old. At the other end of the spectrum, Phil Niekro is the standard-bearer for 40-, 43-, 45-, 46-, 47-, and 48-year-olds.
• Triple Crown Near-Misses: On three separate occasions, Babe Ruth led the league in two of the three triple crown categories and finished second in the remaining one. (Arguably even better: The triple crown losers list, which documents the sorry souls who managed to finish last in all three categories.)
• Pitchers Who Stole Home: Forty-six pitchers have done this since 1900 (including Fred Hutchinson and Don Newcombe, who both did it after hitting a triple!)
• Most RBI in a Season While Playing for Multiple Teams: Would you believe Goose Goslin was traded in the middle of a 138-RBI season?”
And speaking of baseball books, Mr. Burgas’ take on Babe Ruth’s 104-HR season.
Kool-Aid Pickles.
Keeping Our Borders Safe.
All you mean people who spoke ill of poor, dead Jerry Falwell, go here.
Yesterday, I had more hits on the blog than I’ve ever experienced. It is a direct result of this post by Mike Sterling. Thanks, Mike! Maybe I won’t call you a cheater pants any more. OK, I will, but I’ll say it with affection.


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