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103 is a prime number

More prompts.

You are asked to join on an expedition. Where are you going? Why did they ask you to join? 

baseball batFirst off, is the word “on” necessary in the prompt? I don’t think so, and neither does Grammarly.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, expedition. Going to every Major League Baseball stadium in the same season to ascertain how difficult it would be to get to them via mass transit. For instance, I know I can get to Yankee Stadium via the B, D, or 4 subway lines.

But the last time I went there, my friend and I took the Metro North from Poughkeepsie, which gets you pretty darn close to the stadium as well. I’ve taken the #7 subway to see the Mets.

Similarly, I took Amtrak from San Diego to Anaheim, and the Angels’ stadium was not far away at all. Most of the other games I PROBABLY took by local mass transit: Boston, Chicago Cubs, Oakland, San Diego, and the now-defunct stadiums in Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, and Montreal.

The reason they want me is that I can navigate local and intercity mass transit surprisingly well.


Invent a new metaphor. 

“His mind is a Doanish conundrum.” Hey, I understand it. At least one other person gets it. That’s enough.

You stepped into an alternative universe. One thing here is different here. Explain. 

It would be a place that would actually follow the Golden Rule. It is common in many places in this universe, but not often adhered to. This would mean making food, clothing, shelter, healthcare accessible to all who need it, a reasonable framework so that all could have the opportunity to thrive.

You have retrieved exactly 4,635 fallen leaves. Why?

Obviously, so that I can put them in 103 piles of 45 leaves. Or 309 piles of 15 leaves. Maybe 515 piles of 9 leaves. Perhaps 927 piles of 5 leaves. But definitely NOT 1545 piles of 3 leaves, because that would be silly.

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