Album name appears as a lyric #2

Ian Anderson, Anthrax, Beck, Blur, the Breeders appear twice

Cahoots – The Band

Here is my second venture trying to find situations where the album name appears as a lyric, but it’s not the title song. There is no actual title song, but these can be ersatz title songs.

Even before my first venture, I had posted questions on various message boards. I ended up with a LOT of responses. So many, in fact, that this will be a minimum of a dozen more posts. The ones I own – and therefore should have remembered, I will note.


Hey Citizen – ABC. Album: Beauty Stab. Lyrics: “Beauty stab, When the good things in life Have all grown bad”

Waiting for You – Derrick Anderson. Album: A World of My Own. Lyrics: “Wide awake from silent slumber Still recalling a world of my own”. The Smithereens serve as the backing group.

Homo Erraticus – Ian Anderson. Album: Per Errationes Ad Astra. Lyric: “Let’s not worry about the wandering Man. He’ll wander hither if he can” Homo Erraticus is Latin for “wandering man”. (Is this a cheat, or very clever? Yes.)

What-ifs, Maybes and Might-have-beens – Ian Anderson. Album: Thick as a Brick II. Lyrics: “And your wise men don’t know how it feels To be thick as a brick… two.”

Time – Anthrax. Album: Persistence Of Time. Lyrics: “One day I’ll get what’s mine Through the persistence of time.”

Be All, End All – Anthrax. Album: State of Euphoria. Lyric: Life can be a real ball. State of mind: Euphoria

The Boy Wonders – Aztec Camera. Album: High Land, Hard Rain. Lyrics: “I came from high land where the hopefuls have to hesitate” and “When he’ll feel the fall of honest rain” (close enough)


Smoke Signals -The Band. Album: Cahoots Lyrics: “When they’re torn out by the roots / Young brothers join in cahoots”. I own this on vinyl, and it was one of the albums I played often in college.

Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Confidence  – Courtney Barnett. Album: Tell Me How You Really Feel. Chorus lyrics: “(Tell me how you really feel) I don’t know, I don’t know anything.”

Octopus – Syd Barrett. Album: The Madcap Laughs. Lyrics: “The mad cat laughed at the man on the border” Apparently, David Gilmour misheard the lyrics and thought it was “mad cap” instead of “mad cat” so it became the name of the album.

Exquisite Corpse – Bauhaus. Album: The Sky’s Gone Out. Lyrics: “THE SKY’S GONE OUT – THE SKY, THE SKY…”

Good Vibrations – the Beach Boys. Album: SMiLE Lyrics: “Softly smile, I know she must be kind.” Of course, I have this album. But I’d had the song for so long, on Smiley Smile, it didn’t occur to me. Of course, Brian Wilson ALSO has a version.

All You Need Is Love – The Beatles. Album: Love. Lyrics: “Love is all you need.” Well, OK, the entire chorus. Are there other songs on the Love album that qualify?

Lord Only Knows – Beck. Album: Odelay. Lyrics: “Just passing through. Odelay, odelay, odelay, odealy.”

Little One – Beck. Album: Sea Change. Lyrics: “Drown, drown. Sailors run aground. In a sea change nothing is safe”

Prisoner of Love – Pat Benatar. Album: Crimes of Passion. Lyrics: “Cold hard labor, it’s a labor of love. Convicted of crimes, the crimes of passion.”

Communicate – The B-52’s. Album: Bouncing Off The Satellites. Lyrics: “Baby, baby bounce it off your satellite”


What On Earth – Blossom Toes. Album: We Are Ever So Clean (1967). Lyrics: “You’ll feel much better the wetter you get We are ever so clean.” Described as an English psychedelic pop a la Pink Floyd or Kaleidoscope.

You’re No Fun Anymore – The Bluetones. Album: Luxembourg. Lyrics: “I can’t say the word, Luxembourg.”

For Tomorrow – Blur. Album: Modern Life is Rubbish Lyrics: “Then he puts the TV on Turns it off and makes some tea Says, ‘Modern life, well, it’s rubbish’ I’m holding on for tomorrow (-row-row)” I’ll buy that.

Ice Cream Man – Blur. Album: The Magic Whip. Lyrics: “with a swish of his magic whip”

Rock and Roll Band – Boston. Album: Boston. Lyrics: “We were just another band out of Boston.” Ah, do I keep this eponymous reference? Of course, I have this album.

Cannonball– The Breeders. Album: Last Splash. Lyrics: “I’m the last splash”. Yes, I have this on CD.

Little Fury – The Breeders. Album: Title TK. Lyrics: Round up, holler girl. Ah, I will sing Title TK If I don’t black out”

Synapse – Bush. Album: Razorblade Suitcase. Lyrics: “Razorblade suitcase, All the tricks of the trade”

My Back Pages – The Byrds. Album: Younger Than Yesterday. Bob Dylan Lyrics: “Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.” OK, it’s in the kinda-sorta category. I have the song, but on a greatest hits CD.

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