BOIFUN Portable DVD Player


In November 2020, I bought a BOIFUN Portable DVD Player, 17.5″  “with 15.6″ Large HD Screen, 6 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Support USB/SD Card/Sync TV and Multiple Disc Formats, High Volume Speaker, Black.”

My theory was that I would watch DVDs on it in my office when my wife and daughter were home. For whatever reason, I didn’t even open the box. I did buy a portable CD player in December 2020. When the CDs started skipping a few months later, which happens amazingly often, I tried the BOIFUN.

One negative is that the machine has to be at a particular volume – about 5 on a scale of 1 to 20, depending on the medium – to override the sound of the spinning disc. Also, the rechargeable battery lasts closer to 30 minutes than 360 in my experience, though some of the reviewers had a better outcome. I’ve never used the USB/SD Card/Sync TV function or the charger in the car.


It does, however, play CDs and DVDs. More interestingly, I have some CDs that have visual components from back in the 1990s, and they display. Some of the graphics on Fleetwood Mac and Lou Reed albums now look archaic, but that’s not the machine’s fault.

Moreover, someone burned for me several CDs of Peter Gabriel on two discs and Paul Young on another. The CD player can’t play them. Since I no longer have a computer with a disc drive, that’s no longer an option either.   But the BOIFUN can display a menu to select each album in turn.

Also, back when I was taking many photos of my favorite daughter, I would have the drugstore make me a disc with the pictures on them.  I can now view them again.

I like the machine well enough to buy one for my wife last year when she wanted to listen to some audiobooks. It cost about $100.

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