The Lydster, Part 100: The Library Cataloger

One of those days after her birthday, when I stayed home with her because she was too sick to go to school, by their rules, but not THAT sick, I suggested that Lydia organize her books in the guest room. They were stacked so that one couldn’t even see what they were. So she decided to put them into categories: Learn, Bible, Scary, Adventure, Funny, Fun, and Mariah.

Learn are educational books. Magic School Bus shows up here, as well as encyclopedic items.
Bible includes Christmas books, Bible songbooks.
Scary can be anything from Dora’s trip to the dentist (she has a cavity!) to Scooby-Doo’s Halloween adventure to various mysteries.
Adventure seems to encompass the reading books with a narrative that’s not too scary.
Funny is books that make her laugh.
Fun are books that she can have fun doing something.
Mariah involves the books she has outgrown, but she keeps them to read to her favorite doll, and to the others, I suppose.

With a system, it’s MUCH easier to get her to put her books away. I’d do it myself except I wouldn’t want to misfile something.

Her books may now be better organized than mine. I think catalogers are wonderful people, though I would never want to BE one.

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