Makes me want to dance

In my brief disco-attending era, in the late 1970s, I had the leisure suits to prove it.

disco danceOnce more from the 30-day music meme: A song that makes you want to dance.

Lots of music makes me want to make me dance. I am, no doubt, one of the finest chair dancers around. Ask any of my office mates.

Lilies of the Valley – David Byrne. In fact, I was chair-dancing to this just yesterday.

Fantasy- Earth, Wind and Fire. In 1978, I was working at the Schenectady Arts Council as the bookkeeper. A variety of artists went into the community, creating.

The choreographer, Darlene, taught school children dance. But she needed a partner, and I was suckered into that task. This EWF song was one of the pieces to which she arranged motion.

Celebration – Kool and the Gang. EVERY time this woman Cathy and I went to the disco, this played, usually more than once a night.

What’s That You’re Doin’- Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder. A song I preferred to Ebony and Ivory, from the same Macca album

Rock Lobster – the B-52’s. It wasn’t a rock…

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince. Last time I tried to link to this song, the video was blocked. (Sigh) He was still alive then. One of my favorite guitar solos ever near the end.

Face the Face – Pete Townsend. And 90 seconds in, would also qualify in the LOUD category.

Fashion – David Bowie. Among several Bowie choices, my favorite in the category. In my brief disco-attending era, in the late 1970s, I had the leisure suits to prove it. One was a sad brown, but the other was this hideous lime green. Proof positive that I have no sense of fashion.

There’s Love In Them There Hills – Pointer Sisters. As often as not, though, I would lie on my living room floor and listen to this on headphones and become hypnotized.

Funkytown- Lipps Inc
Good Times – Chic
Jungle Boogie – Kool And The Gang
These are self-evident to my ear.

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