The Lydster, Part 105: Mariah and Elizabeth

The Daughter expects her parents to remember the name of her dolls. Her male parent is not as good at this as she would like.

I am interested in the Daughter’s affinity for her toys. A couple of years ago, she was really into her stuffed animals, to the virtual exclusion of her dolls.

More recently, though, the trend has switched. While she still has her stuffed toys, she is now more inclined to play with her dolls, especially Mariah (above) and Elizabeth (below).

I think there are two primary reasons for the switch. One is that, as the Daughter has become more interested in clothes, she’s been making apparel for her dolls. She’s getting rather good at it, too, thanks to her grandmother. The other is her allergies to her stuffed creatures, so she can usually have but one at a time. Usually, it’s her large unicorn named Unicorn who makes the cut.

I learned that my daughter can keep track of all of her dozen and a half dolls. Moreover, she expects her parents to remember them too. Her male parent is not as good at this as she would like.

I wonder how Mariah and Elizabeth will feel about yesterday’s newcomer?

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